Trump Is A Job Creator

Have you heard the noise 2020 Democrats have been making as they attempt to negatively spin the booming Trump economy? If they can’t spin it negatively – they do what hapless Joe Biden is doing – they take credit for it.

Which is about all the 2020 contenders can do after the June jobs report came out the day after America celebrated its 243rd birthday… blowing past all expectations.

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Even leftist media outlets like NBC News, perhaps begrudgingly reporting the “economy gained a whopping 224,000 jobs in the month of June, beating expectations of 150,000 and continuing a generally robust hiring pace that has brought Americans off the sidelines and into the workforce at the highest rate since 1969.”

Think about that for a moment, it took a savvy businessman and a “none-politician” to instill common sense business practices of lowering taxes across the board, and eliminating putative anti-growth government regulations, to finally unleash (after 50 years), this booming economy.

However, with all of this good news, the President still isn’t satisfied, suggesting we can do even better if the Federal Reserve simply cut interest rates.

Upon hearing the Jobs report, the President exclaimed, “If we had a Fed that would lower rates, you would have a rocket ship,” referring to the economy.

Mark Hamrick, a senior economic analyst at Bankrate, told NBC News. “With a stronger-than-expected reading on hiring, the plot thickens with respect to the Fed’s decision.”

Adding, “The central bank may still attempt to mollify investors by putting a modest, so-called insurance cut in place. The array of headwinds associated with slowing global growth, trade disputes, and tariffs have not gone away.”

The President, however, noted on Twitter, “We have the greatest economy anywhere in the world. We have the greatest military anywhere in the world. Not bad!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 3, 2019

The Stock Market perhaps anticipating the robust jobs report and the President’s bullish forecast reacted on Wednesday with record numbers in the black.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 179.32 points to end the day at 26,966, notching intraday and closing all-time highs. The S&P also rose 0.7% to 2,995.82 as the real estate and consumer sectors powered the broad index to record levels. Tech also boosted the index, rising 0.7% to a record high. The S&P 500 closed just 0.1% below 3,000.

The gains reported by CNBC may in part come from a tweet by the President calling for “easier monetary policy added to expectations of easier Fed policy.”

“China and Europe playing big currency manipulation game and pumping money into their system in order to compete with the USA. We should MATCH, or continue being the dummies who sit back and politely watch as other countries continue to play their games – as they have for many years!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 3, 2019

Moreover, with a soaring economy, the President is a likely shoo-in to be easily reelected, provided the White House stays on message and not allow Democrats with the help of an accommodating media, to do what they did regarding the Mueller Report to the Trump economy, by falsely claiming their own skewed facts.

In particular claiming that middle-class Americans didn’t receive a tax break, seeing more money within their weekly paychecks, although those are indisputable facts. Still, over 50% of American wage earners believe the false propaganda by Democrats that they didn’t benefit from the President’s tax cuts.

Where has former VP “sleepy Joe,” is faced with a unique dilemma having personally participated in perhaps the worst economy in modern American history, in that the OBAMA/BIDEN team averaged in their 8-years less than 2% GDP growth, moreover having the distinction of “never” having 3% growth in any one quarter.

This is perhaps why “sleepy Joe” is attempting to take some of the credit for the surging Trump economy by actually having the audacity at a Philadelphia rally that Trump was engaging in “alternative facts.”

Stating, I know President Trump likes to take credit for the economy and the economic growth and the low unemployment numbers,” Biden told supporters. “But… President Trump inherited an economy from the Obama-Biden administration – that was given to him, just like he inherited everything else in his life.”

Lest we forget this is the same guy who had to drop out seeking the Presidency in the ’80s because he plagiarized the entire speech of the British Labor Leader Neil Kinnock, a corrupt second rate politician, who was always on the wrong side of history when it came to foreign policy issues.

Do you believe that the Trump economy is all that’s needed for the President to win reelection in 2020?   

Do you think Biden will be the Democratic nominee?  


  1. Haylie Hall

    The President will not win re-election (fair and square at least) without addressing climate change based on science – at least what humans can do to mitigate the damage.

    Also, his rollback of environmental standards are not worth any perceived benefit to industry. The health of our air and water is vital to us all. He must embrace it, or history will not look kindly upon him.

    Finally, the GOP needs to stop associating a healthy planet with Democrats. Our great American standard of environmental protection never used to be partisan. So why is it now? And why is the GOP associated with not giving 2 cents for the planet?

    I assume GOP voters have children and grandchildren. Please keep their future in mind and stand for a healthy planet.

    Thank you.

    • Haylie, I am 71 yoga and I have never seen or heard of a homestead scientific program to specificity say what we have to do. If you are serious about doing your small part to help then turn off your heat or air conditioning. Walk or bicycle to work, wash your clothes b6 hand and let them dry under the son. O and you could also stop using your hand held device because it uses electricity to recharge batteries that are harmful t9 the environment. So see, I guess you aren’t that concerned about it to give up your Global Warming lifestyle after all. Good no you are a Republican. The Earth goes through heating and warming periods and there is no amount of money Donald Trump could spend to stop it. And I’m not even a Scientist but I am honest. Good luck on dropping all the items I think you need to do to help the Global Warming problem.

      • I didn’t mean to type some of those words, perhaps I should have turned up my kerosene lamp to read with because it saves on electricity but I cannot see well in the dark.

  2. Max Stanley Chartrand

    I ask anyone who thinks there’s something the federal government can do to stop climate change, and the only things they can come up with is a bazillion taxes and regulations that do nothing to influence climate change but everything to make government all powerful and our standard of living on the floor. First, every credible scientist, self included will tell you that we cannot stop climate change, and Second, we are no longer the bad guys on this–since the Paris accord, the US, even under Donald Trump is the ONLY major power that is producing lower and lower levels of carbon each and every year. Killing jobs and the economy will not improve anything–but will make the politicians filthy rich and the rest of us dirt poor. Instead, let free enterprise do its job. How many gizmos that would double and triple gas mileage are not in use because government is not doing its job? How many alternative technologies, tar sands, etc. are being held back BECAUSE of corrupt politicians? Get the opportunists and insiders out of the way and watch us go carbonless 10 times faster than under some Big Gov scheme!

  3. Rick

    Max, we can stop sending rockets into space for one. Every time a rocket goes up it punches a hole in the ozone layer. What does sending rockets into space really do for us that we can’t do without?

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