Democrats Are Suing One Another For Not Being Tolerant Enough

Just when we thought we couldn’t be surprised by another crazy democratic move; we get another jolt.

Recently, former Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind filed a lawsuit against Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in federal court for blocking him and other political figures from commenting on her views via Twitter.

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Hikind argued that he was blocked by Ocasio-Cortez because his comments were to “stinging” for her to deal with. It’s amazing how Americans are expected to rely on the common sense and professionalism of Democrats who are in office when the only examples they receive are those closely related to that of teenagers.

Fighting over who blocks who, and who unfriends who is something that most would expect to hear about from the complaints of their children. The only difference is that we expect children to act like a group of immature goofs, but not our political figures.

Democrats often complain about Trump and his incessant need to tweet every inch of his thought pattern, yet they aren’t willing to address the huge elephant that sits in their own room. How they can’t get along with one another, and rather than accepting that fact and being an adult about it, they instead choose to fight over silly things that go beyond funny and straight into ridiculous.

Ocasio-Cortez is a woman who constantly discusses her America and how it will take common respect and understanding to bring America back to the vibrant country she once knew. She boasts about her ability to communicate on issues that aren’t always comfortable, but necessary.

It’s interesting that she feels so strongly, yet she blocks anyone who disagrees with her point of view. Didn’t someone tell her that communication involves two points of view being shared openly and honestly?

Additionally, one has to be willing to listen to the other point of view, even if it differs from their own. Well, apparently this is not the case with Ocasio-Cortez. In the end, her desire to complain about Trump and his tweets—all while she limits the feedback from her tweets from those in her own party—only reveals just how shaky the far left seems to be.

Outside of her blocking her own party members, it is even more amazing that members of her party would bring forth a public lawsuit. Didn’t anyone tell them that they should never allow anyone to see their divide? When Americans see political parties divided or fighting within their own ranks, it makes us all lose whatever confidence we had left in our government.

Hopefully, the members of the far left will come to see that suing one another is only proving to citizens of the U.S. that they were right to doubt the system, as well as the government that is meant to run it. Touting tolerance and respect is one thing, but to promote this without having the ability to do it for themselves is a joke.

Surely America has lost her ability to laugh…even when she has the best clowns standing before her.


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