A Man on a Cruise Paid Dearly for ‘Clowning’ Around

Recently, CNN shared a report on a nasty brawl that occurred on a British cruise ship that left several folks injured and confined to their cabins for the remaining portion of their trip. The amazing thing about the brawl wasn’t so much that the guests were drunk and a bit over-excited.

Nope! Instead, the fight ensued because one guest showed up in the dining hall wearing a clown suit. That’s right…a clown suit.

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It’s bad enough that the guy decided to reveal his true essence through his attire that day, but to go around adults who still have clown phobias is just plain old rude. Witnesses stated that the moment the guy walked in wearing the clown suit, all hell broke loose.

People began yelling “I thought this cruise was supposed to be a ‘no fancy dress’ cruise!” As it turns out, fancy dress means wearing a costume in the United Kingdom. That comment led to a major fight between three men and three women that ended with blood everywhere.

Dishes were broken, chairs were thrown, and people went flying all over the dining hall. All this because a guy wore a clown suit. It only makes you think that something else had to contribute to a brawl of this magnitude.

When CNN did further investigation into the matter, they discovered that their worst fears came true: the people onboard truly attempted to kill one another because of the ‘fancy suit.’ The cruise line not only confined the guilty parties to their room, but they also kicked them off the boat the moment they docked in the next port. The spokesperson stated that they didn’t tolerate disruptive behavior. We can only wonder if they were referring to the clown suit, or the fight itself.

You may not believe this, but clown phobias are so real that they even gave the fear a name: Coulrophobia.  The word means ‘a persistent and irrational fear of clowns’ which experts suggest might have originated from Greek Kolon meaning stilt or stilt-walkers which are sometimes used by clowns.

According to a medical site for phobias called Better Help, people suffering from coulrophobia see clowns as terrifying and sinister. Wow. If this is the case, why would the only sinister act come from the very people who feared the clowns?

Maybe the guy wearing the clown suit saw some children on board and decided to wear something that would cater to them. Or, maybe the guy has a sickness…much like the guys who wear women’s underwear, and he lost his mind and decided to come out of the closet with his addiction. Poor guy. He was only sharing a part of his true self with the world. Too bad he didn’t realize that he was about to have a can of whup-ass opened and served with a vengeance.

The case of the clown suit was soon closed without any charges being pressed on the involved parties. We can only hope that the guy wearing the clown suit realized that some things should remain in the closet…so to speak.

As for the clown haters, we can only hope that the moment they disembarked from the boat, they ran (not walked) to the nearest clinic to finally get help on finding ways to overcome their fear. Beating up clowns is not only rude but evil.

All a clown wants to do is make us laugh. I mean, hey. I can’t stop laughing right now and I didn’t even see the clown. That’s just how powerful they are!

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