The ‘My Pillow Guy’ To Challenge Ilhan Omar?

Rumors have been circulating for days that “My Pillow” creator Mike Lindell may (and it’s a pretty big may), throw his pillow into the ring to challenge anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-white males Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), in 2020.

The affable, born again Christian, who’s perhaps seen daily by millions of TV onlookers hawing his line of “My Pillow” products is a big supporter of President Trump, posted a cryptic tweet early Friday morning stating.

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I will be going on @foxandfriends tomorrow morning at 6:20 am CT to answer the question of whether I’m running for office in Minnesota and to make a big announcement!

— Mike Lindell (@realMikeLindell) July 26, 2019

However, since that tantalizing tweet, Lindell seemed to walk back his statement saying, “The answer is not at this time. “If the Lord wanted me to run I would run … yesterday I was bombarded in the news. We heard you’re running, right now and I want to help the President, help turn Minnesota completely red, and get the right people in office to be one of the amazing states in the country.”

Lindell’s amazing journey is the quintessential American Dream, from a crack-addicted college drop to a multimillionaire entrepreneur, who now employees hundreds of loyal workers, providing a quality product completely made in America from his warehouse located in Lindell’s hometown of Chaska, Minnesota.

The self-made multimillionaire and infomercial superstar created the MyPillow Empire from scratch in 2004, while he was still addicted and struggling with drugs. “People say all the time that’s one of the biggest miracles ever.”

The popular businessman recounts that back in 1970, he had what can best be described as an epiphany, “I went to the U of M (University of Minnesota) for one quarter, and I was working two jobs,” he said. “I felt like I was just wasting my time.”

Adding that he quite school and continued working both jobs, including one at a grocery store. “I actually got fired at the grocery store,” Lindell said.

However that encounter with the manager, sparked something in him that he never felt before, a desire to be his own boss, to control his own destiny after the manager scolded him saying ‘Well, Mike, if you don’t like it here, maybe get your own company someday.”

That encouragement, or perhaps snarky remark, take your pick, was all that Lindell needed to begin his journey. Although there were many failures and challenges along the way, one of which was getting himself clean from drugs.

The future millionaire entrepreneur had countless setbacks, however, he never quit. In the ’80s Lindell tried his hand in a verity of schemes, first within a carpet cleaning business, after his sister’s apartment became flooded. Then he tried being a professional card shark in Las Vegas; however, that didn’t go too well thinking that the dealer had cheated him, and calling out to complain to the pit bosses, which resulted in Lindell being thrown “through the front door.”

Other business setbacks included raising pigs, a lunch wagon, and buying a bar, which wasn’t a good idea for an addict attempting to get clean, then in 2004 Lindell it the jackpot, with his invention of “My Pillow,” the rest, as they say, is history.

Somewhere along the journey in early 2009 within those numerous personal setbacks of drug addiction Lindell recalls he found God

“I said, ‘Okay, God please bring an end to these addictions. I don’t want to have the desire again. And then I’ll do this platform thing you’ve got me on,’” he said. “And I wake up in the morning, and the desire is gone. It’s gone.”

Adding, “I was an addictive person. “I was addicted to crack cocaine. It took about a year and a half to invent the pillow. I put all of my addiction into this.  …  I went completely broke. I mortgaged our house, everything. I was all in on this pillow.”

Lindell’s journey from a crack addict to a successful businessman is perhaps one of the most compelling transformations in recent memory.

The My Pillow creator is a personal friend of the President, and although he may have had second thoughts about running against Omar thus far. However, he fired the fist folly towards the Muslim legislator saying the “horrific” political aims of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, made the Gopher State “ground zero” for America’s political future.”

That statement certainly sounds like someone who might be persuaded to run. Moreover, 2020 is still a ways off, Lindell like Trump already has name recognition within the state, and would no doubt have a sizable financial war chest…perhaps a little coaxing from above, is all that’s needed.


  1. SJL

    Great article. I have to admit, I found Mike’s cloying commercials a bit off-putting, in part because he seemed to be absolutely everywhere with them. Changed my tune after learning more about him, including his die-hard support for Trump. Make Sleep Time Great Again!

  2. Run against that Failed Communist/Socialist/Muslim Ilhan Omar! And don’t forget to prosecute/deport her also, back to Somalia (One Way ticket, PERMANENTLY, of course) . . . Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. I was going to buy his pillow but not do so because of being a friend of yellow bird and will tell all my friends to not buy that product.

  4. Zippy Tu Yu

    Love your story; Love your My Pillow, Love to see Minnesota cleared of the invasion.

    Run Mike, RUN 🏃🏻‍♂️💨💨

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