Biden Hammered From All Sides

“Sleepy” Joe Biden suddenly awoke Wednesday night, to give as good as he got from his Democratic rivals –  who were looking to inflict some damage to the front runner which currently leads the pack by double digits.

Biden had apparently come to the debate stage in Detroit, to vanquish his poor performance last time out when Sen. Kamala Harris, all but called the former VP a racist regarding his support many years ago for two Democratic senators, along with his opposition to busing.

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In that first debate Harris called out Biden, “I’m going to now direct this at Vice President Biden,” Harris said. “I do not believe you are a racist, and I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground.”

“It was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and careers on the segregation of race in this country,” Harris continued. “And it was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing.”

Adding, “There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school every day. And that little girl was me,” Harris said. “On this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats. We have to take it seriously. We have to act swiftly.”

However this time the 76-year old VP was ready to take the barrage of incoming attacks from all quarters, even from 1% Mayor Bill de Blasio looking to score some points.

Harris attempting to recapture the momentum of the first debate tried to once again corner Biden, however this time she faced another challenger from the junior senator from New Jersey Cory Booker, who also wanted a piece of the front runner.


The 50-year-old former mayor of Newark, who has struggled for months in the polls wasted little time in hammering a smiling Biden who continually invoked the name of his former boss former President Barack Obama, who has yet to officially endorse him.

In one exchange Biden was asked about Obama’s record of deporting over 3-million illegal aliens, at which point Biden attempted to straddle the political fence, suggesting that his advice to the President regarding the high number of deportations was privileged private information he shared with the President as Vice President, at which point Booker interjected himself emphatically stating, “You can’t have it both ways. You invoke President Obama more than anybody in this campaign. You can’t do it when it’s convenient and then dodge it when it’s not.”

Another heated exchange began when a CNN host asked Harris to respond to Biden’s criticism of her plan to give all Americans health care, in which Biden responded that Harris’ health care plan was a “have it every which way approach.”

Harris quickly retorted, “Well, they’re probably confused because they’ve not read it,” she said, saying it was a “plan that was responsive to the needs of the American people.”

Biden quickly fired back stating a plan that claims to achieve something in 10 years, should invoke skepticism among the public regarding perhaps the loss of employer-based coverage.

Adding, “You can’t beat President Trump with doubletalk on this plan.”

Later in the debate, Biden perhaps attempting to stake out a more moderate position pushed back against Harris and the other far-left candidates on stage regarding “Medicare-for-all.”

Suggesting that his fellow Democrats weren’t being honest when it came to the cost of a government-run healthcare system and who would end up funding the program, namely the middle-class

“There will be a deductible, the deductible will be in the paycheck,” he said. He went on to cite a cost prediction that such a plan would cost $32 trillion.

Most of the pundits agreed that Biden had redeemed himself to some degree, and despite his continued gaffs and flip-flopping, he’ll be the front runner for quite a while. However can he hold that lead until 2020 or will he fold?


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