Are “Red Flag” Laws the Solution to Mass Gun Violence?

In the wake of the horrific mass shootings in both El Paso and Ohio over the weekend, legislators are scurrying to do something to address the epidemic of mass-shootings gripping our nation.

One such legislator is GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham who said on Monday he intends to introduce legislation along with Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal. The bipartisan “red flag” law would, in essence, confiscate firearms from those individuals the court deems risky.

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According to a statement by Graham, the legislation created would be in the form of a federal grant program that would help individual states establish their own “red flag” laws or laws that facilitate gun confiscation when a threat is detected.

“I have reached an agreement with Senator Blumenthal to create a federal grant program to assist and encourage states to adopt ‘Red Flag’ Protection Order laws to timely intervene in situations where there is an imminent threat of violence,” the South Carolina senator said.

“Red flag” laws, also known as gun confiscation orders, are designed to enable an average citizen to report to authorities the names of individuals they consider to be a threat so that their firearms can be “temporarily” confiscated.

While the legislation seems reasonable within this heighten sense of national anxiety – creating a law that virtually promotes citizen snitching upon citizen opens unintended consequences and residual issues for all concerned.

For example, do individuals have a right to openly confront their accusers or are the reports of someone appearing unstable anonymous?

Gun rights groups are concerned, and rightly so, because “red flag” laws may be easily abused within those deep blue states that may harbor a systemic bias toward gun owners, which in turn may conflate confiscation with due process.

Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America vice president said, “It is frustrating to see President Donald Trump’s continued support for so-called Red Flag laws. These Red Flag laws, properly known as Gun Confiscation Orders, are incompatible with actual due process and allow for the confiscation of firearms from innocent Americans.”

There are currently 17-states that have some form of “red flag” law according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Ironically the Parkland school massacre energized lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle to institute “red flag” laws regardless of the fact that actual “red flags” were in abundance “BEFORE” Nikolas Cruz went on his murderous rampage that snuffed out the lives of 17 innocent victims.

There were dozens of phone calls to Broward Sheriff’s Office between 2008 thru 2016, in addition to reports made to both the Broward and Palm Beach sheriff’s offices, the FBI was also notified about Cruz, and nothing was done.

Then on January 5th weeks before Cruz went on his bloody rampage into infamy, a caller called the FBI’s tip line and warned that Cruz had a “desire to kill people” and worried about “the potential of him conducting a school shooting,” that RED FLAG was either ignored or somehow fell through the preverbal cracks, resulting in the massacre.

Obviously what we’re currently witnessing are politicians once again falling all over themselves pretending they have a viable solution to this epidemic of hate.

Ironically if you’re older then 40 then you remember playing “cops and robbers” with cap-guns, seeing commercials on TV of your favorite western hero hawking their latest set of “six-shooters” with a fancy holster, yet there was no mass-shooting at schools, or for that matter anywhere.

A statistic that no one seems interested in exploring is the one defining trait that almost all mass killers have in common, a “fatherless environment.”

Harvard sociologist Robert Sampson has written that “Family structure is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, predictor of variations in urban violence across cities in the United States.”

His assessment is shared by the eminent criminologists Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi, who have written that “such family measures as the percentage of the population divorced, the percentage of households headed by women, and the percentage of unattached individuals in the community are among the most powerful predictors of crime rates.”

Moreover, the startling data is there for all to see, however for those politically correct individuals this may simply be another example of bigotry and racism on my part.

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes
85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes

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  1. Although I’m not for “Red Flag” laws (RIFE with abuse, ESPECIALLY from The Left) Make sure that they meet MINIMUMM standards that DO NOT infringe upon a U.S. citizen’s 2nd Amendment’s U.S Constitutional right . . . Team Trump and and his allies 2020.

  2. Island Dean

    Here’s my question to “lawmakers”, what recourse do I have against those who make false claims if they were brought against me? How about 20 years in the worst penitentiary for those who would do so? 30 Years sounds better and the death penalty would be even better, whatcha think lindsay, particularly if you’re in agreement with “dick” blumenthal, perhaps the biggest POS to ever become a politician. This kind of legislation is against so many American values, Constitutional principles and freedoms, it stinks to high Heaven. The first time these so-called “lawmakers” get it wrong, they should serve the same penalty as the wrong accuser. If what I am seeing elsewhere is correct, we won’t be seeing much of these “politicians” much longer, they will be enjoying a long vacation in a prison in cuba, the sooner the better so we can get on with our lives. We need to return to Constitutional principles as a country, the Constitution “as written” as opposed to the will of some shitbird politician’s whim.

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