Black Anchor Agrees on Live TV That He Looks Like a Gorilla…

Recently social media went up in flames over a comment made by a white news anchor who stated on live tv that her co-anchor (a black man) looked like the gorilla — during a news segment on a local zoo. No one can argue the fact that the woman was both ignorant and foolish to make such a statement.

She gave a tearful apology the next day—she probably also received death threats or threats of being fired.

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With all of that said, there is only one thing that no one seems to discuss this incident: the black anchor’s response to being called a gorilla.

After being told that “the gorilla kind of resembles him”, the black anchor simply giggled himself and responded by saying “yeah…it kind of does.”

Then the next day, after hearing his co-anchor tearfully offer her public apology, he decides to use the platform as an opportunity to state how “words can hurt” and how much she hurt his feelings.

It’s enough to make you want to strangle him with the very tie he’s wearing. It’s most unfortunate that his initial acceptance of being called a gorilla is overlooked by the fact that he was called one in the first place.

True, we must give a slap on the wrist to his co-anchor who made the admission, but what can be said of his immediate submission to being dehumanized and insulted in front of millions of people?

Why is it that his comments about himself was completely ignored by everyone? Black people throughout the nation should have written two separate letters after this news clip aired.

One letter should have been on the issue of political correctness and common sense—dedicated to the name-caller on the show. The second letter should have been on what it means to truly represent both yourself and those who look like you—dedicated to the idiot who agreed that he looks like a gorilla.

Black people have been systematically referred to as monkeys throughout the history of America. It is both a juvenile and deadly insult that attempts to lower a black person’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-pride.

It came as no surprise that an apology would soon be thrust into the faces of American’s everywhere. Now, we are owed one apology more…from the black guy. He should produce the same tears his co-anchor gave and look into the camera as he issues an apology to every black man in the nation.

He should apologize for his lack of self-esteem, as well as his lack of a backbone or spine—whichever causes him to stand upright. After his apology, he should then find a way to create a new speech that reveals just how hurtful his own words were during that ridiculous, although brief, discussion between both he and his co-anchor.

Some African-Americans—notice I said some—have this impression that they must agree with whites, even if they are insulted, in order to be successful. They laugh when they should be angry, they agree when they should argue, and they accept any treatment that comes their way—as long as they are accepted by whites as equal.

What they fail to realize is that relinquishing their pride in who they are only solidifies their inability to be respected by any race. Playing the fool only makes them look more foolish and makes the fight for respect more difficult for all African-American’s throughout the United States.

If it’s true that we all have a responsibility to ensure that ignorant comments fail to see the light of day, then we can’t ignore comments that approve of stupidity statements, either. In this case, both anchors proved that they need training on how to think before speaking…not just one.


  1. RJ Slisz

    Whites, African Amaericans, Asian American, Hispanic, etc.
    The racial divide can never end, not as long as we announce ourselves by race or skin tone. Truth be told there is no black, white, yellow or red. Humans are all shades of Brown. By that, no matter were your lineage leads from, we are all shades of the same color. Remember your Heritage, thats fine but never forget we are all united under 1 flag. 1800’s during the slave era, during eradicate by power of Manifest Destiny 10’s of thousands of Tribes and Nations. The purge upon Catholics and the Irish. Union busting denying the vote to woman and other Americans.
    Jim Crow and on and on. Yet threw all that No matter how twisted our history the world looked upon us as the greatest country in the world. Now they think we are a joke, every day somewhere in this country people, business and government show the world, by ignoring are bill of rights, ignoring the principal by which our freedoms stand on. Call me any thing you want just don’t call me late for supper!

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