Is Sex Trafficking Still A Problem In America?

Lately, issues pertaining to sex trafficking of minors has become a hot topic. Unfortunately, reports continue to reveal that more and more criminal arrests are made among adults who are caught forcing young children into sexual acts with other adults.

One would believe that the fight for parents to protect their children against sexual criminal activities would be somewhat simple if of course, the judicial system worked hand in hand with the rest of society. The judicial system is fighting to unravel sexual predators among minors, but what about the media? What about doll makers?

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Who will fight to ensure that these industries end the push to view children as sexual objects?

Oh, baby, baby…how was I supposed to know?

We see evidence of children being partnered with sexuality almost every day. We see it when female celebrities such as Brittany Spears (who sang her biggest sexual hit while wearing the school uniform of a child in her video), Miley Cyrus (who dressed like a child while grinding an adult during one of her performances on television), and a host of other female celebrities who choose to put on the persona of a child when they sing or perform their most sexual songs.

The men love it and the young people adore it, but interesting enough—parents remain silent. It isn’t until we see that there is a crisis that we decide to act, but why wait? Especially when it concerns the wellbeing of our children?

Baby dolls for your pleasure

Did you know that between 2013 and 2018, over 130 child sex dolls were detected by authorities? According to the Department of Home Affairs, authorities are consistently confiscating sex dolls that are made in the likeness of children between the ages of 3-5.

As a matter of fact, the selling of child sex dolls is so prominent that a South Australian politician is trying to change a law in her state that would send people to jail for up to 10 years if they are caught with a child-like sex doll. The problem of men purchasing such dolls is slowly leading to lawmakers everywhere attempting to find ways to convict those in possession, according to ABC News.

Fear that the dolls will exacerbate pedophilia behavior is running rampant and leading to additional investigations on border patrol and how the dolls are being shipped throughout the world. Although lawmakers are fighting to convict those who are found in possession of these dolls, no one seems to discuss the actual doll makers. The manufacturers of the child sex dolls have not been identified, nor is there any evidence of lawmakers fighting to crack down on the making of such ‘toys’ to the general public.

This means that the dolls will continue to be produced and distributed throughout the nation. How does this assist in ending the growing issue of sex trafficking among young children? Unfortunately, it doesn’t help at all…it only makes the problem worse.

If parents are to win the war of protecting their children against adults who view them as sex objects, they will need the support of the media. The moment the media eliminates the correlation between children and sex will be the moment we witness a society that proves such identification is completely unacceptable by everyone. Until then, the struggle to ensure that our children are safe from being objectified as sexual beings will continue to be an uphill battle.

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