California Frees Kate Steinle’s Killer

One can only imagine how the parents of “murdered” victim Kate Steinle must feel after being subjected to the brutal reality of California’s sanctuary policies – which have allowed a 5-time deported illegal alien to shoot their beautiful daughter in 2015 and then to be acquitted of “murder, second degree manslaughter, reckless endangerment with a firearm” and now even “illegal position of a firearm.”

The inconceivable reality that anyone within America could willfully point a weapon, fire that weapon, kill someone as a result and not get any real jail-time is unbelievable.

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One can only wonder if Kate Steinle were the daughter, wife or mother of a prominent California Democratic legislator if the verdict would have been different?

The 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that the trial judge erred in not giving the jury “the momentary possession instruction,” which apparently according to the judge’s stopwatch, (he wasn’t there), pointing a firearm, pulling the trigger and snuffing out the life of someone, somehow doesn’t constitute position.

“It is undisputed that defendant was holding the gun when it fired. But that fact alone does not establish he possessed the gun for more than a moment. To possess the gun, the defendant had to know he was holding it,” the appellate court wrote, according to NPR.

Simply listen to the convoluted tripe this judge is attempting to manufacture, using ambiguous terms such “when it fired” suggesting that somehow the weapon fired on its own, and then the sheer absurdity that Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate didn’t know he was holding a weapon.

Garcia-Zarate faced three years in prison on the gun possession conviction but was sentenced to time already served. He is currently in federal custody on new immigration and gun charges, including being an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm.

Thankfully these new gun charges are from the federal government and not California’s state appeals courts which along with the governor have made a mockery of our immigration laws along with equal justice under the law for victims like Kate Steinle and her family.

According to a statement by former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, “Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate was deported 5 times before he shot Steinle on a San Fransisco pier in 2015. Zarate was a seven-time convicted felon and Mexican national. Before he shot Steinle, Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer for Zarate with the San Francisco sheriff’s office. The office did not honor the request.”

A San Francisco jury acquitted Garcia-Zarate of the charge of murdering Steinle in November 2017 but convicted him of being a felon in possession of a gun.

Garcia-Zarate’s attorney convinced the jury the shooting was an accident, regardless of the fact that the illegal alien pointed the gun in Steinle’s direction and fired the weapon; the bullet ricocheted off the pier and hit Steinle, who was walking about 78 feet away with her father.

The heartbreaking tragedy was compounded when Zarate admitted in an interview that he would not have been in San Francisco if it were not for their sanctuary policies, which once again begs the question, if city and state elected officials willfully and publicly brake federal immigration laws, aren’t they subjected to the same penalties as those Mexican coyotes illegally attempting to smuggle migrants across the border?

Perhaps if a few elected officials in California were actually taken into custody for violating federal immigration laws, Kate Steinle might be alive today.


  1. Ken Marx

    I was born and grew up in San Francisco and by the grace of God left the city compliments of the Air Force. I now live in Texas. The scenery isn’t as great, but the living conditions are far better. I won’t even go back to visit San Francisco until the citizens there wake up and replace their corrupt city and state government. The most beautiful city in the nation has been destroyed.

  2. I maintain similar feelings about the city of by birth. When I was born there, San Francisco was still an achingly serene, scenically beautiful and ethnically eclectic cradle of ‘Old West’ sensibility blended in with a cultivated admixture of cultures that was all its own. It was the city of Emperor Norton, Fleishacker Zoo, Sutro Baths, Italian coffee houses, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinese ‘Chop Suey’, the Presidio, affordable housing and delicious coastal fog banks drifting off Potato Patch Shoal through the Golden Gate. In the 73 years since then, San Francisco has undergone a a transformation that would do justice (or injustice) to Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster. It is now the exclusive haven of extreme leftist liberal progressives (most of whom are gay, hedge fund managers, lawyers, software developers and other highly paid professionals) who feel their perversely PC outlook on American society is the only legitimate take on extant reality. Its formerly small (but outspoken) gay community has literally become an all-pervasive, integral uber-component of the city that sets new standards for ‘outrageous behavior’. The only individuals who can now live there are either the extremely wealthy or the extremely poor (e.g. ‘homeless’), who have become the pampered, protected pets of the former class. Even getting into or out of the city has now become an excruciating and frustrating ordeal (whether by automobile or by BART). And as if that weren’t enough, the final crowning indignity is that the city’s former Mayor is now the Governor of the whole state! To paraphrase the hoary old saying: “A formerly great place to visit, but I wouldn’t ever want to live there!” How utterly sad!

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