Impending Church Foreclosure: Virgin Mary Painting Weeps

Most would describe what took place over the weekend at a Chicago century-old Greek Orthodox Church facing foreclosure a miracle — while nonbelievers will simply attempt to explain away the incident, as nothing more than some scientific anomaly.

Whichever side one falls on, one thing is clear, unless this is a hoax, the “tears” or “liquid substance” streaming from the eyes of the Virgin Mary painting isn’t random.  It appears nowhere else on the painting, in fact, there are no “wet spots” anywhere on the painting except directly beneath the two eyes.

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The incident was first reported when a caretaker over the weekend noticed what appeared to be tears streaming from the eyes of the Virgin Mary painting.

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Jonas explained to the Chicago Tribune, he was in his office within Chicago’s Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, early Sunday morning when the caretaker rushed in explaining to the clergymen what he witnessed in the church, a “weeping Virgin” looking down.

Reverend Jones quickly bolted from his office and hurried to the church where the iconic Middle Age painting resides amid other holy paintings and statues.

Upon entering the church Reverend Jones quickly approached the painting hanging against the wall above a side-alter to investigate the phenomena. He placed several cotton balls at the bottom of the painting to capture and absorb an oil-like substance streaming from the eyes of the Virgin Mary running down her cheek, all the way to the bottom of the portrait.

Jones posted a picture of the painting Sunday night that shows streaks of liquid residue pouring from the Blessed Mother’s eyes, which give the appearance that she’s crying.

On Monday morning scores of Chicago, worshippers flocked to the church currently facing an impending foreclosure hearing, to see for themselves what the faithful are saying is a sign from God, to perhaps reflect where America is today.

The iconic painting of Mary with soulful eyes, holding the child Jesus has never displayed any unusual anomalies in the past, moreover there’s nothing to suggest anywhere within the surrounding area of the painting any source where liquid or water would be present.

“When these things happen, I feel like a little kid when first going into a candy factory, and you’re just in awe,” said Jonas adding, “I can’t explain why she is tearing, but I do know as human beings we are usually crying for two reasons: either joy or sorrow.”

The church is scheduled for a bankruptcy hearing on Tuesday. Following Jonas’ social media post, many people visited the church to see the painting.

According to the Tribune, some worshippers viewed the phenomena as a sign of a coming miracle indicating the church would be saved from foreclosure.

“Mary weeping is a sign, and the miracle is actually in our hearts,” Laura Tovar, whose sister was married at the church, told the Tribune.

The Rev. Dobrivoje Milunovic, the presiding priest of Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in the O’Hare neighborhood, was one of the first priests to visit to venerate the icon.

“This is a calling on all of us to change our lives,” he said. “We need to turn to her in prayer and humility. And cleanse our hearts and souls of inequities so we may find salvation.”

Regardless of what takes place on Tuesday concerning the foreclosure issue, the faithful who may perhaps feel despondent concerning the relentless attacks by secular progressives against people of faith, regardless of their Judeo-Christian values, view the “tears” as a sign that God is watching over all of us.


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