McDonald’s Wants Some Chicken Sandwich Love

The moment Popeyes chicken came out with their famous chicken sandwiches—in direct competition with Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich—the world went nuts and began to show just how serious they were about their chicken.

The chicken sandwich frenzy not only led to people fighting one another over the sandwich, but one group actually threatened Popeye employees with guns when they found out that all of the sandwiches were sold out.

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The madness surrounding the chicken sandwich could not be ignored…which might explain why McDonald’s recently announced the arrival of their new Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich on September 11th.

This isn’t Mickey D’s first attempt to make the world sing songs of love about their chicken sandwich, you know. In 2013, McDonald’s served their Hot ‘N Spicy McChicken sandwich, however, it only received a mediocre response. As it turns out, some people just don’t want to buy their chicken sandwich from a burger joint.

To ensure that people understand just how serious they are about being a real contender in the chicken game, McDonald’s has decided to place all of their marketing efforts on guaranteeing that their chicken is thrust into the faces of people everywhere.

Oh, it’s—about—to—go—down!

If chicken sandwiches can cause this much of a riff, we should seriously consider talking with Trump about sharing the sandwich from Popeyes with Brazil’s leader so that maybe we can see something done about the Amazon fires.

Who knew that fried chicken placed inside a bun could make the world such an emotionally driven place? The world is already divided and now we have yet another reason to fight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by people who ask the question of which chicken sandwich I’m down with.

I always tell them that chicken makes me sneeze just so that I don’t have to explain myself if I should happen to choose the wrong sandwich in their eyes.

With McDonald’s joining the ranks within the fast-food chicken sandwich wars, how long will it be before Wendy’s remarkets its chicken between bread as being better than the best? Unfortunately, the madness won’t end any time soon because fast-food chains see that people are hungry for a certain type of meal.

This equates to major dollars and, whether the sandwich makes you poop your brains out or not, businesses will continue to do what’s necessary to get mo’ money, mo’ money! It’s just too bad that people are so easily led by flashy commercials and social media influencers who get paid to tell their followers that certain products make you too cool for school.

Until people wake up from the zombie state that they are currently in, we won’t see the last of the public going nuts over something they could simply prepare at home! Why pull a gun on the fry cook when you can just go to the grocery store, purchase the ingredients, and make the same damn sandwich yourself?

It’s too much like right, I know. So, sit back and enjoy the ‘crazy’ ride as we prepare to enter into the world of McDonald’s and their McChicken between two McBuns, accompanied by their famous two McPickles and small slither of McLettuce. This should prove to be very interesting, to say the least.

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