Our Leaders Don’t Care About The Environment…

As the United Nations Summit on Climate Change takes place in New York, one can only wonder if people are merely wasting their time getting world leaders to seriously address global warming.

Evidence of this can be seen when you listen to the major speaking points of most global leaders who somehow have the talent to steer their climate change discussions down the road of global economic growth.

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It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. Somehow, even with the world being in danger of global burn-out, world leaders are still blinded by the dollar bill.

Joining the fight to bring major attention to the issue of the climate change crisis are young people throughout the world who are finally seeing the truth behind the promises. World leaders are fully aware that people are interested in hearing solutions to the climate problem, so to ensure that they appease their audience, they come together in unison to talk about something that needs no further discussion. It is what it is.

The only thing left with global warming is the discussion on how it will be addressed. What monies will be used to assist in the slowing down of a global fire killing us all, and which country will put their dollar in the hat? It’s really as simple as that. Unfortunately, global leaders don’t seem to think so.

Many of the discussions held at the United Nations have already leaned in the direction of financial growth for individual countries. Presidents and world leaders want to know how they can get a piece of the money pie so that they can push their own individual agendas within their country. This sounds politically sound—if you take out the fact that there might not be a country in which to spend the money they receive if they don’t first do all that they can to save it. What good is money if there is no one around to spend it? This seems to be the issue that most of the world leaders are ignoring.

Even 16-year-old Greta Thunberg made an angry appeal to the world leaders during the opening ceremony of the UN summit. She was apparently mortified that world leaders only showed an interest in financial growth, rather than a true interest in global warming. She cried and she yelled, all while still maintaining her composure on stage so that she could effectively make her points.

She isn’t alone. Outside of the UN are groups representing countries all over the world who are demanding an answer to the issue of climate change. As the summit continues throughout the week, one can only hope that the answers in which everyone seeks will be given. Until then, don’t hold your breath on any solutions any time soon on how the climate change crisis will be solved.

Audra is currently attending conferences within the United Nations and is serving as an advocate for climate change solutions.

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