Professor Ties Tom Brady’s Popularity to White Supremacy

Once again we have another individual who should never be allowed within 50 yards of a college campus — let alone teaching young minds within a classroom.

However – as stated many times previously – the world of academia has dramatically spiraled into the abyss, with little hope of rebounding within the near future.

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This time a professor decided to single out one of perhaps the most admired and accomplished hard-working professional athletes within contemporary sports history, football icon Tom Brady.  Deciding for no apparent reason to slander the 42-year old quarterback along with his millions of fans (both black and white), because of Brady’s skin pigmentation.

Self-aggrandized Professor Kyle Kusz’s comment actually says it all, “I decided to research Trump and Brady’s public performances of their white masculinities and how they connect with broader debates about race and gender politics after a student in one of my classes brought the UnderArmour commercial to my attention and it piqued my interest,” Kusz told Campus Reform.

For the record, a televised commercial is produced by a vast creative team, of writers, art directors, artists, set designers, producers, directors. Brady simply gets paid to follow directions and read what’s on the cue card, that’s it.

However, as in most things within the odd world of academia, where theory dwells and reality always seems suspended in a perpetual freeze-frame from actual accomplishments, individuals like Kusz can perform within the comfort of their own hypothesis without recrimination from their equally dazed peers.

The good professor was apparently miffed by the commercial highlighting the accomplishments of the New England Patriots star quarterback’s remarkable career going from number 199 in the 6th round draft in 2000, to a legendary career as perhaps the best quarterback in recent sports history, earning him a record 6- Super Bowl rings.

However, for some reason, Professor Kyle Kusz sees racism within Brady’s performance, along with his legion of fans, tying them both as white supremacists.

The convoluted explanation in how Professor Kusz derives his conclusions based on nothing but supposition should worry us all, in that there’s nothing tangible within his speculation, except a preconceived bias, or more likely envy.

Here is his ridicules summary: “By subtly coding Brady as a version of the 97 lb weakling in ‘The Brady 6,’ his subsequent transformation into Brady—the five-time Super Bowl champion and ‘G.O.A.T’—enables him to be easily read as an athletic variation of the self-made man,” Kusz writes, adding that “the self-made man is [a] seductive and potent ideological figure of American liberalism long used to mask the systemic privileges afforded to, and enjoyed by, white men, especially those with economic means.”

Perhaps if the good professor actually did a little background check he would see that Brady’s accomplishments on the gridiron are due to dedication and hard work, moreover, he worked hard at becoming a superstar, regardless of the obstacles placed in front of him.

Moreover, he’s a testament regardless of race if you persevere and believe in yourself you can accomplish anything, even winning another Super Bowl in your 40’s.

That’s what Professor Kusz should have said to his young student, fretting over a commercial…victimization along with race-baiting seems to be a required course in the wonderful and wacky world of academia.

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