Racist Haircuts And Hand Gestures?

It’s time to say goodbye to the tradition of lazily using your hand to express your approval of something and don’t even think about sporting the bowl-cut hairdo – you know the one that is created by literally putting a bowl on someone’s head. Thanks to a few organizations, these are now both considered racist and inappropriate hate symbols.

Yes, you read it correctly. Placing your index finger to your thumb is something that is currently on the “Hate on Display” database of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). As it turns out, they have seen this hand gesture way too many times throughout the internet by white supremacy groups.

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What’s hair got to do with it?

Ok, so…oops… I mean, alright. These days you can’t be too certain on how the word ‘OK’ might be misconstrued by someone out there. Alright, moving on.

The ADL feels that online message boards have continued to prove that signing ‘OK’ is a deadly deal considering it can be seen in memes and other images online that promote hate. It’s not that easy to argue with hard, cold facts. If a meme says, “We hate all races but our own” and they are all sporting the ‘OK’ sign in the photo, then we will easily get the connection.

However, what does this have to do with the haircut that a person has? Now, you must be careful of the style you choose to wear your hair when you visit the barber or hairstylist. According to the ADL, the bowl-cut hairdo is now registered on the list of hate symbols thanks to Dylann Roof—the white supremacist gunman who killed nine African-Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.

Roof wore the bowl-cut hairdo at the time of the massacre and now he has a strong following of both men and women who have decided that they would like to have the same hairdo. The fact that anyone would want to wear the bowl-cut should be a crime in and of itself, to be honest!

But now, the hairdo has earned online screen names such as “Bowltrash” with the people wearing the cut calling themselves the “Bowl Gang.” It’s enough to make anyone think that this all has to be a stupid joke. The kind you see on SNL. Unfortunately, it’s no joke.

It’s hard to decide exactly what it is that continues to strip away our right to express ourselves freely. We are now limited in our right to let people know that we are “OK” and it’s now considered a crime to have a stupid haircut. The ignorance of others, along with their hate, has continued to stifle the rest of us and it is incredibly unfair.

It seems that it will be only a matter of time before we are limited on how we say hello to one another because there might be some idiot out there who turns a simple hello into “go to hell, Jewish people!” At some point, we can only hope that the madness ends, and that sanity comes back home. Until then, watch yourself. You just might be a racist and you don’t even know it.


  1. RandyH

    It is not hard at all. Just tell the Leftist bigots they do not get to rewrite history or what is racist for any of us. Sue if you are fired for using the OK sign or your haircut–or next we will be racist if we don’t move out of the South.

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