Chicago’s Top Cop To Snub Trump’s Visit

It would appear that politics is once again rearing-its-ugly-head in the “Windy City.” Allowing a missed opportunity for both Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, and President Trump, to come together in a bipartisan moment and discuss the unprecedented carnage taking place in the streets of Chicago.

In the President’s first visit as President to Chicago (on October 28th) to address the International Association of Chiefs of Police he had hoped for a face to face meeting with Johnson. However as of this moment, the “top cop” will not be attending the event he’s “officially hosting” speaks volumes regarding the petty politics and open hostilities by both Johnson and Mayor Lori Lightfoot towards the President, who has openly addressed the gun violence in Chicago.

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Moreover, the astounding data confirming the “Windy City” is indeed the “murder capital” of America and the sense that this encounter should be politicized by Democrats refusing to meet with the President is ludicrous.

Considering that every 3 hours an individual in Chicago is shot, and every 16 hours and 24 minutes another individual is murdered, should persuade “all parties” to come together.

Yet Johnson and Lightfoot have decided to snub the President, which should outrage every resident within Chicago, regardless if they’re black or white.

The sheer absurdity by Johnson’s mouth-piece Anthony Guglielmi telling local affiliate FOX 32, “The values of the people of Chicago are more important to him than anything that could be discussed at that speech.”

There’s little doubt that within OBAMA-LAND there’s outright hostility among the Democratic leadership within the city towards Trump, especially after the President called them out in 2017 characterizing the bloodshed taking place every weekend on the savage streets of Chicago.

“What the hell is going on in Chicago?” the President asked at a rally in Florida, according to FOX 32. “There are those who say that Afghanistan is safer than Chicago, OK? … You know what’s wrong with Chicago? Weak, ineffective politicians, Democrats.”

That brutally honest assessment by the President is something that Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has obvious trouble accepting, that he and his police force are unable to handle the carnage taking place within their city, despite having the most stringent gun laws in the country.

A prime example of how the Democratic leadership is failing the residents of Chicago was evident when then-Mayor Emanuel actually blamed President Trump for the Jussie Smollett debacle, rather then an incompetent Democratically controlled Cook County State Attorney’s office, that first indicted Smollett on an astounding 16-counts, then dropped all the charges with a bizarre explanation from State Attorney Kim Foxx, who then recused herself from the investigation, due to her “familiarity with potential witnesses in the case.”

Yet Emanuel had the gall to blame Trump, “Let me be clear about something,” Emanuel said at the time. “The only reason Jussie Smollett thought he could take advantage of a hoax about a hate crime is because of the environment, the toxic environment that Donald Trump created.”

No doubt this is the same attitude that prevails today in the city of Chicago excusing a marginal actor perpetuating a phony “hate crime” targeting “white Trump supporters”…therefore is it any wonder why Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson would rather preside over the daily carnage within his city, then perhaps have a meaningful sit-down with the President of the United States, and maybe work out a solution.

Or it could be that local Democratic leaders like Mayor Lightfoot might not like the optics of a Republican President attempting to solve the gun violence in Chicago, while their “favorite son” Barack Obama did virtually nothing in his 8-years to reduce the carnage.


  1. Louis E Lafreniere

    I lived in Chicago for 20 years. Trump cares not for the “carnage” taking place there, everyone knows that. He would only use this as a photo op. What opportunity is being missed that can’t be addressed from afar anyway? I’m proud that the City of Big Shoulders is snubbing Trump’s entire visit.

    • Teriqua Jones

      I also have lived in Chicago. I suspect the snubbing of the President is racially motivated. If you compare Chicago to any place else; there is no doubt the level of racism in Chicago far exceeds other cities in the US. This racism is not limited to white people, it is also carried by black and latino people.

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