Conservatives Defending Tulsi Gabbard Should Surprise No One

There’s a fundamental truth concerning conservatives that has somehow gotten lost with how zany progressives view us — in their attempt to smear us as bigoted racists and Nazi’s.

At the same time, so-called progressives are practicing the same tactics of those they accuse others of. Attacking and assaulting individuals for wearing red caps, shutting down free speech of conservative speakers on college campuses, attempting to blacklist fellow co-workers they disagree with, threatening violence towards our President, creating false propaganda within the media under the guise of news, and attempting a mass assassination of lawmakers on a baseball field.

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That fundamental truth which has been pushed aside by the radical left is that we conservatives seldom harbor hate of fellow Americans.

We don’t define ourselves as simply conservatives, in that there’s a higher calling than simply labeling ourselves and our philosophy towards government…individuals like a Tulsi Gabbard possesses those same qualities that we conservatives embrace, and that liberals also once enjoyed.

Make no mistake Gabbard isn’t even remotely a conservative, however she along with another relational liberal embrace the concept of “fair play,” as outlined by our Founders, which has also rendered Harvard Law Professor and Constitutional Scholar Alan Dershowitz a piranha among his progressive colleagues. Because he simply applies the exact constitutional standards for President Trump as he did for President Clinton, decades ago and for that insubordination to progressive dogma, the once esteemed educator has become an outcast, and no longer welcome within social circles on Martha’s Vineyard.

No doubt a small price to pay in preserving one’s integrity, Gabbard’s original sin was to go against the “heir apparent” Hillary Clinton in 2016, by endorsing another candidate for President.

This in turn sparked a long-simmering dislike by Clinton for the 36-year old congresswoman from Hawaii that exploded into the open, with Clinton making a scandalous accusation, labeling Gabbard a “Russian asset.”

Conservative talk show icon Rush Limbaugh immediately came to the defense of Gabbard, stating; “Are you kidding? So Jill Stein was a Russian agent, Trump was a Russian agent, and now Tulsi Gabbard is who she’s talking about here. Tulsi Gabbard is the Russian agent! Hillary Clinton says that Russians are “grooming” Tulsi Gabbard to run third-party to elect Trump, the smartest woman in the world? We are surrounded by genuinely sick people. Mrs. Clinton is not right. (groans) This is paramountly obvious.

Rush continued, “Tulsi Gabbard won the Drudge poll on the Democrat debate going away. Average people watching the debate thought she did the best. Do you know one of the things she did in the debate? And I know this because I sat there and watched this. She took on the New York Times and she took on CNN (televising the debate). She said, “This is outrageous. You have said that I am a Russian sleeper agent. CNN has said that I’m a Russian sleeper agent. This is outrageous.”

Adding, “She took them to task for it! The New York Times has reported her as a Russian agent. These people are so far gone with this Russia business, but did you listen, did you hear Mrs. Clinton? You gotta hear this again. This is a matter of fact. “Oh, she’s a Russian agent. (muttering) Russian agent and so forth.” Notice this guy Plouffe — who is Obama’s campaign guy — is just going right along with it here. Play it again, Sam. Three, two, one. Let ‘er rip!”

President Trump also came to the defense of Gabbard on Monday night on the Sean Hannity show, calling Clinton “crazy” and “sick” for suggesting Russians were “grooming” Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for a third-party presidential bid.

Adding, “Just like she did with Tulsi Gabbard,” Trump grumbled. “Just like she did with Jill Stein. She said, ‘Jill Stein is a Russian asset.’”

“These people are sick,” he declared. “There’s something wrong with them.”

Let’s be clear Gabbard’s progressive policies if she ever became President would destroy America as we know it, however civility within our discourse regarding policy issues, shouldn’t demean our opponents, or ridicule them for having another point of view… Gabbard gets that.

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  1. Gabbard IS fair . . . An ULTRA SCREWED up liberal, but fair (And, NO, I WON’T EVER vote for her or her FAILED, LEFTIST policies). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA Keep America Great Again).

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