De Blasio’s New York: Gift Cards & Pizza for Lawbreakers

Just when you think New York City couldn’t get any more BRAZEN under the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, think again.

Under a new state law, that hasn’t yet gone into effect until next year, nearly 900 city prisoners are being set free, in time to celebrate the holidays with their families, and hopefully stay out of jail.

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The move by Cuomo in allowing inmates to be freed, before the “bail-reform” bill actually takes effect in 2020, is extremely troubling, in that it circumvents the law, ironically passed by state lawmakers and signed by the governor himself, which suggests that New York State can’t even respect its own process, and what amounts to an imperial mindset by Cuomo.

However Cuomo actually pales in comparison to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has turned the Big Apple into a test of endurance for New York’s Finest, currently under siege by marauding bands of neighborhood thugs.

The shocking images of police officers being doused with buckets of water by roaming neighborhood thugs this past summer, outraged police departments along with law-abiding citizens all across the country, however at New York’s City Hall, a complacent de Blasio gave a tepid response to the defiant act. This past Halloween, neighborhood thugs in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn began throwing trash on a patrol cruiser, shouting to police officers “trick-or-treat motherf***er.”

Moreover, if that wasn’t enough to make your blood boil, de Blasio will once again continue his 2017 “gift-giving” antics to lawbreakers, rewarding them with gift cards, movie passes and free baseball tickets, to encourage them to return to court, for processing.

A disgusted senior staffer in Manhattan Criminal Court lamented, “You’re literally rewarding them for committing a crime.”

Moreover, this practice of rewarding criminals has gone mostly undetected or ignored by the mainstream media, and except for local news affiliates and newspapers like the New York Post, most are unaware of the bribes, until now.

Back around 2017, the de Blasio Administration began using taxpayer funds to bribe Rikers inmates to play nice, by gifting them boxes of pizzas.

The bribes continued with City Hall using an assortment of gift cards, like a $15 Dunkin Donut gift card handed out to accused low-level defendants in Manhattan courts for appearing voluntarily. In other instances, more serious criminals were rewarded with baseball or movie tickets, all at the tax payer’s expense.

The astounding under-the-radar policy has cost New York taxpayers over $800,000 by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, making the court system more “user-friendly” for individuals accused of committing crimes, in the Big Apple.

An NYPD source who watched in amazement, as a defendant was handed his Dunkin’ reward, incredulously remarked, “once again, the mayor wants to appease the criminals at taxpayers’ expense.”

Adding, “Next thing they’ll be giving out Macy’s cards so these perps could do their holiday shopping.”

However, the bigger threat to law-abiding citizens in the “Empire State” is the law Cuomo signed in the spring, to end bail for lawbreakers charged with an assortment of misdemeanor and criminal felonies.

In that, the Governor has lumped together misdemeanor infractions with more heinous and serious acts of criminally, including negligent homicide, aggravated assault on a child under 11 and selling drugs on or near school grounds.

The New York Post uncovered a memo by state prosecutors circulating among law enforcement agencies across the entire state, that breaks down the 900 lawbreakers being released, calculating that over 400 of those individuals have committed serious felonies, and are now being released back onto the streets of New York City.

Even more egregious, the law was to go into effect on January 1st, 2020, however, for some unexplained reason, Cuomo has decided to simply ignore his own decree, and publicly declare by his actions, that he is the law on-to-himself, by arbitrarily changing the law based on his own discretion.

Within recent years New York City has become a cesspool of mismanagement, corruption, and malfeasance, why New Yorker’s haven’t thrown the bum’s out of office is a mystery.

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