Are Wild Animals Targeting Our Women Folk?

Animal attacks on humans are nothing new.

But in 2019, there’s been a disturbing uptick in animal attacks on women and young girls — especially, it seems, from male members of various species.

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Could it be that the rise of the #Me2 movement has sensitized the news media to the hitherto unrecognized gender dimensions of animal rage?  Or has the animal world begun deliberately targeting our women folk to spread fear and terror?

Here are 5 of the worst attacks since last summer that have some animal psychologists wondering if misogyny – long thought to be a human male trait — is actually a broader cross-species phenomenon.

Man’s Best Friend, Woman’s Worst Enemy?

In August, nineteen-year-old Adrienna O’Shea of Knox, TN realized she’d forgotten her purse at a friend’s home she’d visited the night before. Naturally, she returned to the house the next day to try to retrieve it.

But as soon as she arrived, a pack of five dogs, including a two mastiffs, two rotweilers and a pit-bull were lying in wait.

Within seconds, they set upon her.

O’Shea ran for her life but the dog-pack quickly caught up to her and tore her to shreds.  Not content to maul her, the dogs decided to turn her into a play toy.

Witnesses said the dogs took turns hauling O’Shea’s body around the yard and gleefully tossed her lifeless body into the air until authorities arrived and managed to pry her mutilated body away from them.

Four of the dogs were euthanized.  A fifth dog that that had not participated in the attack was sent to a local canine anger management center for possible rehabilitation

O’Shea had recently graduated from high school and according to friends, was planning to become a veterinarian.

Cock-A-Doodle-to-You, Too 

Men have long complained about being “hen-pecked” by their wives and girlfriends.  But last September an Australian widow made a shocking discovery:  A rooster’s beak can be just as deadly.

The 76-year old woman was collecting eggs in her garden one morning when suddenly out of nowhere an unfriendly cock pounced and began pecking on her lower leg until one of her varicose veins popped open.

The rooster proved to be unusually aggressive and relentless.  Even after the woman collapsed, the bird refused to stop pecking at her leg until she bled out.  She died at the very spot where she’d fallen.

Despite her obvious distress, and cries for help, none of the elderly woman’s male neighbors tried to rescue her from the relentless beast.

Animal experts called the attack “rare” and a “freak of nature.”  But one eyewitness said it looked like an “ambush.”

Apparently, the woman had bitterly quarreled with her husband in the years before his own death, which police had ruled “accidental.”

Yes, ladies, karma is a bitch — at any age.

Quiet in the Park

An elk is a royal beast, with enormous antlers that display its majesty.  Those antlers are also perfect for goring unsuspecting females, as two tourists in Estes Park, CO learned to their dismay.

The two women were swapping stories about their children and waxing on about the wonders of nature when a male bull elk decided he’d had enough of their girlish chit-chat.

In a video recorded by a witness, one of the women can be seen on the ground using her feet to fend off the angry elk, which had charged at her headfirst.

An Estes Park public works employee tried to drive his Ford Ranger pickup truck between the woman and the outraged animal.

The huge elk then charged at the truck and struck it head-on, smashing its headlights.

According to NBC News, a second man was injured after he jumped out of the way of the elk, slipped and hit his head on a rock.

Apparently, the woman was not seriously wounded but the injured man was taken to the hospital in unknown condition, officials said.

And they say chivalry is dead?

It’s Mister Bison to You

Little girls have become especially annoying to some of our furry male friends.

At Yellowstone National Park last July, an angry buffalo chased after a group of female children that dissed the animal to its face and refused to apologize.

According to eyewitnesses, the girls were taunting the bison for close to 10 minutes, noting that its hide was worn and calling it “old and ugly.”

Their parents stood nearby laughing the whole time.

Suddenly, the huge male beast turned on the group.

The bison caught up to one of the girls and flung her into the air.  She did a double-somersault and landed on her feet.

Bystanders didn’t know whether to cry – or applaud.  A short video of the incident has gone viral.

The video shows parents frantically fleeing the charging bison en masse while their bratty children are left to fend for themselves.

Social media commentators lashed out at the parents for their “cowardly” behavior.

Commentators also questioned why the children were allowed to hurl insults at the buffalo from such a close range.

The girl who was attacked, who says she’s considering a career in gymnastics, escaped with minor injuries.

Park officials say they plan to teach visitors the proper way to address a male bison, long considered an emblem of American frontier culture.

Who’s the Cougar Now?

A middle-aged woman on the prowl in the Oregon wilderness was found dead late last year with a broken neck and more than a dozen puncture wounds consistent with a cougar attack.

She’s the second woman to have been targeted for attack by a feline mammal.

Earlier this year, a woman climbed over a fence at a zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona and was attacked by a male jaguar.

The woman said she entered the enclosure in the hopes of taking a selfie with the animal, which was not amused. The jaguar quickly pinned the woman against the cage wall and began chomping on her arm.

Startled visitors ran screaming for help.  One grabbed a water bottle and began spraying the jaguar in the face.

After a few terrifying minutes, the jaguar let go of the woman and slinked back to his lair.

Zoo officials praised the jaguar for defending its turf and for repelling its human intruder.  Off-camera, some expressed sadness that the woman survived the attack.

“This is unacceptable. Males have it tough in these parts and don’t need to be stalked by strange women with these bizarre attachment issues,” one said

Threatened with a restraining order and a permanent ban from the zoo, the woman apologized for her behavior and promised to avoid the jaguar enclosure in the future.

Stay tuned for more news of girls gone wild

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