Why Dogs Are The Best Wingmen

If you’re looking to get laid, you might want to buy a dog.

In a 2017 study conducted by British match-making company Elite Singles, 1,000 UK singles were asked which group of pet owners they found more “attractive.”

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Nearly two-thirds (63%) of the respondents chose dog owners while less than a fifth (18%) favored cat owners — a whopping 7-2 margin.  Why such a huge gap?

Perceptions of personality, mainly.  Dog owners, like their pets, are seen as highly sociable and energetic.  Cat owners, by contrast, tend to be viewed as more selfish and aloof.

But even cat owners can take heart.  57% of survey respondents said that any pet-owner would be a good mate because caring for an animal was a reflection of a “nurturing personality.”

Dog lovers also tend to rate each other highly, the study found.  Nine in 10 said they would look especially favorably on another dog owner as a prospective dating partner.

And 32% said they would end a relationship with a beau that couldn’t get along with their furry friend.

In a separate study by Match.Com, there were pronounced gender differences in the way each gender reacted to dog ownership in the other.

Women confessed that they associated dog ownership in a man with traits they values highly, including friendliness, kindness, nurturing and loyalty.  Many said that they would accept an invitation to the house of a man they liked just for the opportunity to meet his dog.

However, men often felt the opposite about women and their dogs, seeing pet ownership as a sign that they might be looking to settle down and have babies, rather than agree to casual sex.  A definite turn off, many said.

One web site even ranked the types of dogs that are most likely to get a guy laid.

Topping the list was the curly-haired Labradoodle, arguably one of the cutest and most playful cross-breeds around.  Labradoodles are known to roll over and let you pat and scratch their bellies in a heartbeat, which, with any luck, will your female companion the same idea.

A close second is the Golden Retriever. They’re active and energetic and great companions on an early morning run, when you’re likely to meet women running, too.

Golden Retrievers engender love, and they love right back.   Hopefully you’ll be experiencing the same with your beau in no time.

Third on the list is the Siberian husky.  As one observer notes, “Women love their fluffy, eye-catching fur and big innocent eyes, both of which will make it hard for her to keep walking without stopping for a thorough rubdown.”

Rubdown?  Now you’re thinking.  Start a friendly chat and tnhe object of your affection will be warming up your igloo in no time.

As a rule, the larger dogs seem to attract the most attention from women.  But some women are drawn to more eccentric breeds, including bull dogs and even beagles.  In the end, it probably doesn’t make all that much difference.

Why?  A dog is a conversation starter and an easy way to mingle with and size up a member of the opposite sex.  And if you’ve met in a local dog park or at a community “yappy hour,” chances are this won’t be your only chance.

Sex , of course, is good for your health, so your dog may well be a ticket to a happier healthier life.  But research shows that sex or no sex, dog owners tend to live longer, healthier lives.

According to a study conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden, dog owners had a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular disease than people who did not report owning a dog, as well as a lower risk of death from other causes.

This was true even after adjusting for factors such as smoking, body mass index and socioeconomic status, researchers found.

Part of the positive influence of dog ownership is the healing effect of companionship with a pet, especially if the dog owner lives alone.

But taking care of a dog invariably requires some physical exercise – brisk walks or light jogs as well as play activities – which naturally brings added health benefits to their owners.

Add to the daily cardio of pet walking a stimulating round of “doggy” with another canine owner and you may just feel immortal.  Arf!

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