Why Did Walmart End the Sale of Drugged-Out Santa Sweaters?

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Walmart agreed to sell sweaters that depicted Santa Claus snorting cocaine and Father Christmas roasting his “chestnuts” over an open fire. The sweaters were all in fun, but that didn’t stop some really uptight adults from having them all pulled from the shelves.

The most amazing thing about the sweaters wasn’t so much the fact that they were showing fictional holiday characters doing some very adult things, but the fact that adults were offended by them. The sad thing is that those same adults who were offended were probably the same adults who ran home to do the same thing they saw on those sweaters. Adults can be so fake, sometimes.

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They claim that they want clean and wholesome things to depict the holidays, yet they won’t admit that the holidays were merely made up by man to squeeze more money out of people. Then we want to place the blame on children as to why we act so prudish. We say that the children can’t see adult themes because we don’t want to ruin their innocence. That’s truly a laugh, given the fact that we allow them to see Disney movies that sneak in adult themes all the time.

The sweaters that were being sold in Walmart were from a third party that had a contract with the megastore. Additionally, the sweaters were only visible to adults in the adult clothing section of the store. It’s not like the sweaters were lining up the front of the main aisle leading to the chocolate bars or anything!

So why did Walmart feel the need to eliminate them? Maybe it has a lot to do with money, and little else.

We all pretend as if corporations really care about children and what they see or think. We fool ourselves into believing that corporations have a heart and that they care about the wellbeing of young minds. This is far from the truth, given the fact that the proof is in the pudding.

If Walmart truly cared about how children might depict the sweaters, then they would have never agreed to sell them in the first place. Walmart stopped selling the sweaters because they feared that the adults who complained would raise such a ruckus that it would somehow affect their bottom line. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

Risqué sweaters aren’t the problem in society…people are. Failing to see the underlying issue is something that is killing us all. We fight and struggle to protect the innocence of our children, yet we still do nothing to teach them about the very images we work so hard to protect them from seeing. Then we blame society for ruining our precious little ones. Sorry, Jack.

It’s not society’s job to raise your kid…it’s yours. True, we must protect them as much as we can. However, we need to be aware of where our energy needs to be when it comes to fighting the good fight. Educating our kids is much better than trying to hide naughty things from their view. In the end, they will see and hear about our dirty secrets whether we like it or not. Wouldn’t it be better if they were made aware of what they are seeing rather than just trying to keep them ignorant of it?

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