Transgendered Loneliness Blamed on Heterosexuals?

Liberals want to take our guns away, kill our unborn children and infringe on our free speech rights. Now they insist that we date trans people, too.

A survey conducted by  Karen Blair and Rhea Hoskin at St. Xavier University in Canada asked 985 heterosexual men whether they would seek out a transgendered person as a romantic partner.  To their surprise, nearly 90% of the respondents said no.

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Most people would consider that a simple statement of personal preference.  Heterosexual men wanting to date heterosexual women?  Hey, it’s as old as the birds and the bees.

But not these survey organizers.  They say it’s a sign of pervasive “heteronormativity,” a fancy word for bias against the transgendered.

In other words, if you really want to treat trans people as equals, you should be fully prepared to wine and dine and have sex with them, too.

There’s a real irony here.  For years, lesbians and gay men have been arguing that mainstream America wants everyone to conform to “traditional” sex and gender standards.  Let us be who we want to be.

But now, unless heteros agree to take a walk on the wild side, they’re somehow branded as bigots.

The new study is even more shameless — indeed, disgusting — for suggesting that a lack of loving acceptance by heterosexuals is responsible for the deteriorating mental and emotional health of the transgendered.

Because heterosexuals aren’t interested in dating them, the pool of available mates is too small.  As a result, they are suffering from anxiety, depression and even suicide, the researchers say.   Waaaa, it’s all the “normies” fault!

Playing victim in this crass fashion is bad enough when it comes from the mouth of an ethnic minority or a woman, but when it’s a horny trans people desperate to get laid, it sounds even worse.

Why can’t trans people date other trans people or date lesbian or gay males?  Must heterosexual men be forced to serve trans people as a bizarre form of “reparations”?

For a newly empowered sexual minority, it seems strange that its salvation depends on the goodwill of its oppressor.

Why won’t anyone out there date them?

Maybe it’s because we sense that you’re profoundly confused about your identity.  Maybe it’s because we don’t like all the “attitude” that comes with being transgendered.  Maybe it’s because so many of you use drugs or require some form of medication to get by.

Or maybe it comes down to this:  We’re just not that into you.

Some men are, in fact.  In Thailand, “ladyboys” dress up as near-perfect replicas of sexy heterosexual women to try to ensnare — and bed down — a heterosexual man.  Many men don’t realize what they’re getting into — but some, in fact, do.  In either case, the assignation often ends horribly, anecdotal accounts suggest.

Some heterosexual men may pursue the relationships for easy sex, but they’re not looking for a sustained relationship.

In the end, maybe their sympathizes that need to adjust.  No matter how much our society tries to obliterate traditional gender boundaries, heterosexuals are here to stay.  Of course, sexual minorities deserve our tolerance — and our respect.

That doesn’t mean they have a right to our hearts — or our privates.

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  1. Joe

    Sad but true “Maybe it’s because we sense that you’re profoundly confused about your identity. ” Tolorance seems to be something the left does not extend beyond its protected classes

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