92-year-old Grandma Refused Alcohol… Because She Didn’t Have ID

So, there was an old woman and an Amazon delivery truck driver who had a disagreement… This sounds like the beginning of some stale joke, and in some ways it is. An old woman was refused a delivery from her grandson of a bottle of wine when she couldn’t show an Amazon delivery guy her proof of age.

Let’s just say up front that she’s 92-years-old and she no doubted looks every part of it.  Refusing to give the old woman her delivery of wine without sufficient proof that she was over the age of 18, the driver decided to take the wine away and try again the next day. Wow. Poor, lady. All she wanted was something to help take the edge off, and then this happens.

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It turns out that Amazon drivers are told that they can’t deliver alcohol to anyone without sufficient identification that can prove they are over the age of 18. Talk about taking your job too seriously, though. This guy saw every wrinkle in her face, every grey hair in her head, and every shake in her body—yet he still felt he needed proof that she was over 18.

The grandson of the woman was completely shocked when he heard that his grandma didn’t get the wine he bought for her. He was even more appalled when he found out that the delivery guy came back the next day and still refused to give up the wine even though the old woman showed him her bus pass. As it turned out, bus passes aren’t acceptable forms of identification for Amazon drivers.

Lately, Amazon has been in the news for being a bit overbearing on its employees.  Amazon employees often complain about low pay, long hours, and sometimes even grueling workloads. They don’t feel appreciated, they feel overworked, and of course, the pay sucks.

With all of this, it makes sense that the Amazon driver decided to follow the rules. He may have figured that all of that might have been a test to see if he would fail protocol. If you think of it that way, you won’t be so confused about why the guy needed proof on paper that the woman was not a teenager.

No matter how you shake it, this is weird. The grandson decided to not only cancel the order of wine that he bought on Amazon, but he also decided to deliver the wine himself. He said in an interview about the situation that he was most concerned about his grandmother’s ability to handle the stress of all this.

He thought that maybe her not getting the wine two days in a row might somehow trigger anxiety and stress within his grandmother. For this, he decided that taking matters into his own hands would be best. Good for him.

Let this be a lesson to us all. If you are going to order wine from Amazon, you’d better damn well have your photo ID on hand. If not, you just might be drinking a chilled water with your dinner.


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