Burger King Ruined Everything With One Word

It’s time to put an end to the madness that exists in the world today! Companies are trying to move ahead with the times and we just cannot allow them to do so! What am I droning on about, you might ask? Well, let’s just say that Burger King had a recent commercial that almost turned this world on its ear with the use of only one word. The problem is that it was the wrong word to use.

In an advertisement to promote their new Impossible Burger, the food chain decided to get regular people to try the sandwich and then share their feelings about it on video. Everything went fine until one hungry guy had the nerve to dare say that the burger was (get ready) “damn good!”  Can you believe the guy had the balls to say the D-word!? Is Burger King not aware of the fact that decent and innocent children are watching those commercials with slobber hanging from their lips as they imagine eating those chemically induced burgers!

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Don’t they know that parents are working double overtime to shield their children from such horrendous words for fear that their kids will actually add the word to their already tainted vocabulary!? Many conservative parents went ballistic after they saw the commercial, and of course, they made their concerns known publicly on social media. Many of the parents said that they just couldn’t believe Burger King was so insensitive and that they would stoop so low as to allow the D-word to be said in their commercial.

Other parents went crazy and stated that their children would potentially be affected by the word in a negative manner and that Burger King should retract the commercial as quickly as possible. Wow. It makes you wonder if these parents are living in an Amish community, and if so, what the hell are they doing with a television!

Let’s face it, folks, we live in a society that is hyper-sensitive. We have reduced words down to their first letter, and we get our panties in a bunch the moment something is said that we deem to be insensitive. The hard reality is that sensitivity is relative and can’t truly be measured by all across the board evenly.

In this matter of the improper D-word usage, Burger Kind didn’t respond (thank goodness) and they didn’t pull the commercial. If we continue to allow super sensitive people to tell us what is appropriate and what is not, then we can just kiss our freedom of expression, creativity, and freedom of speech goodbye forever. There will always be someone who wants the world to remain in the past, but it’s just not reality. Those same children that heard the guy in the commercial say that his burger was ‘damn good’ are the same children that go to school and hear their friends say much worse. It’s not to say that we can’t ensure dignity in commercials…oh, hell. Who am I fooling?

Get over it people! We live in a society where the president wants to grab a P-word, Black people call one another the N-word, and gay people control most of the alphabet with their LGBTQ…and I think I’m missing another letter there.

Parents need to take their attention from Burger King and instead place it back on their responsibility to prepare their children for a world that actually exists…not just the world inside their head. Hyper-sensitivity is not the answer to understanding, and it completely destroys the opportunity for effective communication. How can you communicate with someone like that when they are standing there and judging your word usage? By the time you get past all the letters you’ll have to use in place of certain words, you will probably forget what the H-word you were talking about!

We still love you, Burger King! We think your attempt to make a veggie burger was a damn good idea, and we have no doubt that it actually tastes damn good!

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