Deval Patrick Plays the Race Card

Democratic presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has gone to the press to share his dismay at just how racist his party can be.

He went a bit ballistic when he joined the race late, only to find out that he did not qualify to participate in the Democratic primary debates. Rather than focus on the issues, items, funding, and everything else under the sun that would qualify a candidate for the debate, Patrick decided that it could only be one reason for his absence: Racist White People.

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Time and time again, race has been used by individuals who fail to meet certain qualifications but who feel they should get an advantage due to the color of their skin. Patrick is no different in this case. He called out the Democratic National Committee as being a group of people who have failed to “demonstrate to Democratic voters or to the Nation the breadth and depth of diverse talent in the field.”

His feelings were mirrored by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) who complained about the dwindling number of candidates of color in the Democratic primary. He even went so far as to warn that voters were being cheated of their right to have a diverse group of talent to choose from. Of course, neither men discussed the reality that most of the candidates who would be considered diverse dropped out due to their own lack of qualifying through substandard financial support or substandard management.

It sucks when you don’t have enough high powered friends in high powered positions who have high powered dollars. We get it. It’s just that the race card seems to disappear when those same complainers are asked about the 8-year presidential run of Obama. Slowly but surely, many people are beginning to admit that Obama was a Black man who did as little as possible for the Black man. With that said, Obama is being shunned by many Blacks who feel he can no longer support their justification for using a card so powerful.

This entire presidential race has become conspiracy theorists’ dream come true. It’s often believed that the race is only an insignificant distraction that is being used to blind the American people so that they can’t see what’s really going on.

In the end, the person who will win the presidential race is the person who was selected long before we citizens had anything to do with it. If this is so, maybe Patrick is only playing his role in the conspiracy by getting everyone all riled up so that they could waste precious time discussing why more Blacks, Latinos, women, and gay people aren’t represented in the big house.

People seem to forget that they have the power to control things by simply controlling the representatives they vote in office. You’re not happy with the way things are going?  Then tell your local representative to kiss your ass instead of your baby the next time he comes to your church to say ‘hello’ prior to an election! Regain your power and maybe you will see a change.

Until then, we will continue to have people like Patrick running late off of the starting block just to throw another controversial curveball our way.

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