Cook at McDonald’s Caught Red Handed

It should come as no surprise that a worker was caught standing near the fryer at McDonald’s with his hands resting peacefully down his pants.

He may have been stressed out by all the grease and complaints from customers, which might explain why he felt the need to grab his security blanket in front of everyone.

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McDonald’s is not known as the healthiest choice when it comes to eating establishments, so it seems funny that a customer would freak out when they saw a guy touching himself while in the food chain’s kitchen. True, it’s still gross, but is it really shocking?

There have been a number of documentaries and studies that have shown just how unhealthy, and even dangerous, the food can be at Micky D’s — are  “penis-hands” so much worse?

Studies have shown the French fries at McDonald’s last for years without decomposing, the hamburger meat falls at a grade D level, and the milkshakes consist of anything but milk or ice cream. With this said, how is it that someone might visit such an establishment and expect that their food will be safe from a wiener touch?

Without a doubt, it’s never good to eat food that has been touched by someone who failed to wash their hands after they left the bathroom—this guy can fall into this category for the sake of argument. (We really just wanted to get that out of the way just in case someone brought it up in the comments.)

However, if you attend an establishment that is publicly known to care less about the people that they serve, let alone their health, then why freak out when you see evidence of such a lack of customer respect? Too often, people place high expectations on events, other people, or things that truly don’t deserve it.

They think in the back of their mind that just because they deem it to be important (such as a healthy environment) that everyone will feel the same way—especially those who work in the food industry. This sounds nice in a perfect world, but it isn’t always the case.

In this situation of the “touchy-feely” McDonald’s worker, the company responded to the complaint the only way they knew how…they played it off. A spokesperson for the fast-food chain simply went on record by saying that they don’t condone unhealthy work environments and that they have corrected the situation. They didn’t exactly say what they did to correct the problem, but at least they addressed it rather than ignoring it. Too bad they have yet to address the claims that their food is a secret killer, though.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one. We guess we can’t expect too much from a chain that has french fries harder than any…um…well, you get the gist. We suppose hotdogs will soon join the McDonald’s menu, but only time will tell.

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