Cats Break Into “Body Farm” to Dine on Human Remains

A pair of feral cats have broken into a medical research facility’s “body farm,” to have a feline feeding frenzy on decaying human flesh!

At the Forensic Investigation Research Station in Whitewater, Colorado, human remains are placed outside and documented, photographed, and observed, just like at any other such facility. The purpose of these so-called “body farms,” is for students and scientists to document what happens to decaying human flesh, so as to help forensic scientists to more accurately determine the length of time that a discovered victim may have been dead.

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At the Colorado facility, scavenger activity is monitored with game cameras, which captured two particular cats sneaking into the body farm to feast on a number of corpses over the course of several weeks.

The first cat made its way onto the farm and began to eat the body of a 79-year-old woman, focusing its attention on soft tissue and layers of fat. The body was then placed under a cage for a week for an unrelated research project, during which time the cat couldn’t access it. When the cage was taken off the donor, the same cat returned to the same woman almost every night over the course of 35 days to eat. Again, it focused on soft tissue, eating part of the breast area and exposing the bone in her upper left arm.

The station is surrounded by a 10-foot-high, wire-topped fence that extends two feet underground to keep out large animals and most burrowing ones. But, that did not stop these two feisty felines who apparently had a taste for human flesh!

The Center’s paper, which was published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, highlighted two findings that confirms popular knowledge– one that cats will eat your corpse if you die, and two, that cats are picky eaters. Despite having more than 40 bodies to choose from, each one returned to the corpse it had selected again and again, and one returned nightly for 35 days in a row.

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  1. Harley

    You do know that cats are animals and not people right ? We have them for pets and to control pests. If I die tomorrow, my cats won’t get feed if nobody knows, and they will probably chow down on me. Bon appetit! I will be dead and won’t care either way. Quite trying to give cats a bad name. Signed… stay the hell away from my cats !

  2. Cregger

    It has been said, “If you die alone in the house with your pets, your dog will lay down next to you and die…. your cat will eat you both.” I love my wife’s cats, but I sure as hell don’t trust them. They’d push me off of the balcony if they thought they could get my share of the sliced ham in the morning. But they know that Daddy brings home the bacon… and of course the ham.

    The cats in question probably developed a taste for elderly flesh when their previous owners died and left them to their own devices. Cats being the laziest animal in the world, simply laid around the house consuming their owners until they had stripped them to the bone. Once the corpse was consumed the lazy cats in question simply escaped and used their sophisticated olfactory capabilities to locate another easy source of elder-flesh… yum! It is incredible, no horns, no feathers, no hair, no scales, no claws, just soft pink (or grey) flesh!!! It sure beats hunting for sustenance.

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