Japanese Husband Allows Wife to Spend Millions Prior to Divorce

A Japanese model named Kato Sari divorced her husband of only three months after he told her that his company was struggling financially. Turns out, his company struggled because Sari spent over $1 million dollars of his money on jewelry, fancy bags, and designer clothes.

According to a report in NextShark, Sari dated her husband prior to marriage and spent thousands on lavish gifts for herself, of which included fancy sports cars. She then agreed to marry once she received an engagement ring from Harry Winston worth over $27,300. After three months of marriage, Sari filed for divorce when her husband shared with her the financial struggles of his company and asked her to end her spending.  She stated that she was appalled that he would allow her to spend money while they were dating but would ask her to stop once they got married. She claimed that she was bamboozled into marriage and that she would never date, let alone marry, a poor man.

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What’s even more interesting than the actual article about this situation were the comments by individuals who read it. Interestingly enough, the comments all came from men who were slamming Sari by calling her a whore and a gold digger. There was only one guy in the comments who felt she was not the only one to blame in this situation. The commenter stated that “her husband knew that he was marrying a high maintenance woman when she spent over a million dollars while they were only dating!” Of course, this guy was then slammed by others in the comment section for being both stupid and blind. Wow. It seems that women didn’t care to comment because there were no female reps who stood up to either support or condemn Sari and her decision to leave a man in which she helped to go broke.

This situation begs the question of why men marry women that they know are only in it for the money. Then, after they marry these types of women, they expect the woman to stop her evil spending ways and suddenly become an ideal mate. Most would say that her husband deserved what he received considering she spent so much money during the dating phase of their relationship. Others might feel, on the contrary, that he is a victim in this case.

Either way, one thing is for sure…Sari represents a lot of people who exist today. It’s not just women who are only out to get money from men, either. There are men who are true gigolos and they only date older women so that they can be taken care of without needing to work a regular job. The unfortunate thing is that when men use women for their money, other guys don’t have as much negative feedback. Men seem to continue holding on to the notion that women are to behave in a certain manner, and when they don’t, they are condemned as being whores, sluts, gold diggers, and so on. This only proves that both sexes have a long way to go.

What do you think about Sari in this situation? Do you agree with her, or do you feel her husband was the true victim here? Remember, your answer just might come from a place deeper than your conscious mind.

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