Male Celebrities Want To Turn All Men Into Women

Men beware! There is a conspiracy occurring and it has you in the center of its grasp. You are all meant to slowly turn into women through fashion, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

Recent reports have shown celebrities such as Usher, Nick Jonas, and Harry Styles wearing pearl necklaces with their outfits and it hasn’t stopped there.

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These same men, along with many others, have also added skirts and dresses to their wardrobe. Oh, and did I mention the fact that they are also adding heels? That’s right. Boots with a 2” heel…although not as high as the heels Prince once sported — but high enough nevertheless.

What’s going on here? Is there not enough creativity in the wardrobe of men to allow guy celebrities to simply wear pants and flat shoes? And what’s with the pearls, lately? Why are male celebrities sporting the pearly white chokers in public?

Can it be that they are simply finding the fashion to be a…well…um… Oh forget it! There is nothing I can say to help justify the actions of these guys who are clearly embracing women’s fashion as their very own.

One might ask why I have such a problem with this new male fashion that has reared its ugly head. I will gladly break down my discord in tow simple terms for all to understand;

  1. Fashion for women taps into their femininity. Dresses, pearls, heels, and skirts are all items that tap into the femininity of a woman. These items allow her to show off her legs, her grace, her style, and her pizzazz. True, she doesn’t need these things to be a feminine woman, but they definitely help. So what happens when a guy wears these items? Does he tap into his feminine side, or does he simply tell the world that he is confused about his own sexuality?
  2. Male celebrities have the power of the younger male generation. Whether we like it or not, male celebrities have the power to control the fashion choices of the younger male generation. Many young men look up to these celebrities for their ideas of what the latest look should be. They actually idolize male celebrities and, as a result, often imitate their style. If this happens, we just might find ourselves erasing male and female roles…and maybe that’s the whole point.

At some point, we have to hold celebrities accountable for their actions. We cannot allow them to control how our young men look or how they perceive themselves. If we continue to give up all power to celebrities, then we can’t cry about it on the back end when our young boys are asking to wear a dress to the prom, rather than a tuxedo.

You might find this funny, but the reality has already shown that the percentage of males who are cross-dressing is not only high, but it is also leading to many young males questioning their own sexual identity.  We have a responsibility to our sons to ensure that they are raised to appreciate everything about themselves, including their male sexuality. You may not feel male attire is associated with male sexuality but it is.

The celebrities know this, which is why they are using a dress code to change the game. Leads one to wonder if this is all planned, or if it is just a silly fashion trend. Sorry, but I know nothing done in Hollyweird is by chance. It’s all a part of the process.

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  1. DRLJR

    From some of the history I have read High Heel shoes were created and worn by men back in the 1500/1600s in the Royal Courts to make the men appear taller. The men stopped wearing them since it was not helpful. And the women started using them. I guess these people want to cow-tow to rulers and not be able to make their own choices.

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