We Need a New #MeToo Movement – Against Women Who Degrade Women

A Japanese billionaire named Yusaku Maezawa was recently slammed by thousands of people who were a bit ruffled by his decision to team with a film company to find a new girlfriend that he would take to the moon. Yes, you read that correctly. He would literally take her on a craft that would fly them around the moon.

Over 27,000 women applied for this opportunity to both go to the moon and to be his girlfriend, but the whole thing got cut the moment a small backlash came about. Basically, Maezawa received tons of comments accusing him of putting women back a hundred years by paying for one to go with him to the moon as his girlfriend, rather than a woman going based on her merit alone. Wow.

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The issue here is not whether this guy was a clown for attempting to use his money to pay for a potential girlfriend, but rather if the women who applied were the culprits and real problem behind the thought of women being thrust into the past. People love to sit around and complain about men who are willing to pay for women to do demeaning things, yet folks completely ignore the women who are willing to volunteer themselves to play the part.

Women who will gladly put themselves in demeaning positions for money, and they don’t give a damn who knows about it. Why aren’t these women condemned for putting women back ten paces, rather than the other way around? At the end of the day, women have the ability to make a decision on their own lives and their own futures. Why can’t they be held accountable for how their own decision affect other women who fight daily to maintain respect from their male counterparts?

In all of the articles that discussed Mawzawa and his attempt to hire a new girlfriend, not one mentioned the number of women who applied for the role. Not one article or reporter thought to address the fact that smart women applied willingly and were highly disappointed when they learned that the entire operation was shut down by left-over #MeToo movement folks.

It’s really no different from the women who still work at places like Hooters if you think about it. These are women who make it a point to use their bodies—not their mind—to advance in life. They show off their breasts and hind parts, just for tips. Where are the groups protesting these women? Where are the women out there who work double overtime to locate and destroy the men who they feel degrade women?

What about the women who degrade themselves, and in turn, degrade women as a whole? So many questions and not one person to answer them. At least not one who is willing to stand up and identify the lack of balance in this issue of degradation among women, by other women.

Women have a serious mountain to climb when it comes to being respected by men in the workplace. It’s just unfortunate that the obstacles that women have to fight to overcome are not just those created by men…but rather those obstacles that are created by other women. Until we admit this, there will never be a true advancement for women overall.

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