Is UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson A Gullible Fool?

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory… new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has done just that.

After the long-suffering British people finally got Brexit after four tough years fighting the radical-left elitists in Britain, Johnson now wants to push an EU eco-radical agenda on the British people.

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Is he stupid, naïve, a fool, or a charlatan? Either way, he has fallen for the eco-radicals’ “climate-change-crisis” propaganda, hook, line, and sinker.

Developing countries like India, China, Indonesia, and most of Africa have said they will NOT accept wrecking their economies by giving up their gas-powered cars and power plants.

The eco-radicals insist that “rich” western countries like the U.S. Britain and other European countries wreck their economies by banning oil and gas, but they don’t seem to care that poor countries thumb their noses at the eco-radicals demands.

Here are some of the lunatic eco-regulations Johnson now wants to impose on the British people (the EU bureaucrats must be dancing in the streets):

  1. Mandatory phasing out of all cars using gas or diesel engines. Only electric cars would be allowed by the year 2035. The eco-radicals don’t mention that power-plant electricity is needed to manufacture the tens of millions of batteries needed for these so-called “clean”’ cars. They also don’t mention the fact that catalytic converters on all cars have now made car-emissions a non-issue.
  2. Phasing out all coal-burning plants by 2024. These are plants that generate electric power for millions of homes and industries. By the way, most of these plants now have highly-efficient gas scrubbers that eliminate most of the emissions from their smokestacks. So we have a virtually non-existent carbon-emissions problem with these plants.
  3. Having a net-zero emissions economy by 2050 — this will involve renouncing the use of all fossil fuels such as gas for your car or home heater, or natural gas for industrial plants. These eco-regulations would totally destroy our crucial energy industries.

What will substitute for oil and gas? Of course, wind turbines and solar panels. The only problem with these technologies is that you don’t get electric power if the wind doesn’t blow or it’s a cloudy day. Many countries in Europe already experience power outages and blackouts from the wind turbines or solar panels they now depend on for electric power.

Plus, these technologies are much more expensive than oil or gas, and therefore they sharply increase the price of electric power for every car owner, homeowner, businessman, and factory owner in the country.

  1. Eco-regulations to ‘modify’ every existing building in the country to make them more ‘energy-efficient’? These regulations would cost taxpayers, homeowners, and companies billions of dollars in useless costs that accomplish nothing but enriching the building contractors doing the work.
  2. Fossil fuels are at the heart of our industrial civilization. How about the millions of workers in the oil, gas, electric power, automobile, and manufacturing plant industries who will end up on the unemployment line from the eco-radicals’ regulations?
  3. By trying to destroy the oil and gas industries, the eco-radicals go after their real target — economic liberty, capitalism, and property rights. They want everyone to “consume” less to “save the planet,” like the rulers now do in Cuba, Venezuela, and other socialist hell-holes. That is their ultimate goal.

Are these radical-left eco-fanatics stupid, gullible, con-men, or evil? Who knows? But, they would destroy our country, our prosperity, and our freedom to “combat” a con-job, invented, non-existent “climate-change” crisis.

If you want to see where America is heading if a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren gets real power, look to see what that gullible fool, Boris Johnson, now plans for the UK.

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