Murderer with “Sexual Needs” Released for a Day…Murders Again

It seems anywhere progressive politicians are free to govern, chaos follows.

Take this latest for example where Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his minions, released a convicted murderer on some absurdity referenced within the Canadian penal system as a “day parole” –  in which the convicted assailant gets to roam around, apparently unattended to do whatever for 24-hours.

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Eustachio Gallese, sentenced to prison 14-years ago for murdering his partner was released from prison and once again murdered an innocent victim – this time 22-year old Marylene Levesque.

According to CBS News, the 51-year convicted criminal turned himself into police on January 22nd telling them where to find the body. Authorities arrived at a hotel in Quebec City’s Sainte-Foy neighborhood and made the grim discovery of Miss Levesque lying on a bed stabbed multiple times.

Levesque’s murder instantly became national news in Canada. Conservative politicians called for an immediate federal investigation of the Parole Board of Canada, along with the crazy Trudeau policy that would allow a convicted murder out of prison.

The bizarre chain-of-events leading to Levesque’s untimely murder began when the parole board allowed a formal request by Gallese seeking relief from his “sexual needs.” The board according to parole board documents approved the request however deeming it as “inappropriate” sexual relations with women” adding despite “serious and worrisome risk.”

Gallese had been living in a halfway house since March and was allowed day parole despite receiving a sentence of 15 years without parole in 2006 for the 2004 murder of Chantale Deschenes.

In short, the board had raised serious concerns about their “risk management strategy” regarding a convicted murderer being released. However, they nevertheless listed Gallese’s likelihood of re-offending as “low to moderate.”

Perhaps even more outrageous after the murder of Levesque became public the board put out this official statement, “The Board expects the assessment that culminated in this approach to be re-examined.”

Thus far Prime Minister Trudeau has not publicly condemned prison officials.

However, an op-ed article appearing in the Vancouver Sun by Daphne Bramham, titled “Allowing paroled murderers to visit brothels isn’t just stupid, it’s illegal and deadly.”

Bramham writes; “Two former parole board members have posted that the reason Gallese was allowed to visit massage parlors is that 14 of Quebec’s parole board members have less than three years’ experience and several have never dealt with cases involving dangerous offenders.

“They suggest that more experienced board members might have challenged the caseworker’s plan. That may be so. But it does raise questions about what qualifications these government-appointed board members have.”

Quebec Justice Minister Sonia LeBel has asked federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to look into the case

LeBel wants to know why certain conditions were granted to Gallese and whether his caseworkers were properly trained to evaluate the risk he might have posed to public safety.

“Once we have answers, we can work with Blair to put measures in place to keep a similar situation from happening,” she said

If this sounds like public officials attempting to spin their way out of a disastrous public policy debacle created by self-serving government bureaucrats along with blissfully ignorant social workers attempting to gauge a criminal mind, for the benefit of no one, other then the criminal.

“The parole board commissioners who have made the decision to release Eustachio Gallese have shown an incredible lack of judgment and must face the consequences. The Prime Minister must ask for their resignation.”

— Conservative Party (@CPC_HQ) January 30, 2020

Canadian Columnist Brian Lilley, writing for the Toronto Sun also chimed in, tweeting out.

“Yet something in their DNA makes them unable to condemn the government institutions that allowed this to happen, in particular the Parole Board of Canada,”

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