A $9,000 Pizza Slice No Woman Can Resist!

If you like pizza, then you’ll love the $9,000 engagement ring that Dominos came up with for all the lovers of the world. To capitalize on the upcoming Valentine holiday, the pizza chain came up with a marketing ploy that would gift one pizza-shaped diamond ring to any couple who provides the ‘cheesiest’ video proposal. It’s sorta smart, but then again…I don’t think I’d want to receive a pizza engagement ring that some guy won online.

When you think of all the idiotic ideas that companies come up with to increase their overall sales, you can’t help but laugh. Rather than creating a community outreach program that shows love for those who can’t afford to eat pizza, the company decided to spend $9,000 on one of the ugliest rings you could ever want to see.

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The ring itself looks great for someone who simply wants to show off their addiction to the fast food, but that’s where the buck stops. Justifying the amount of money spent to create this one ring that looks like a pizza slice is something that movies are made of, to be honest.

Although this idea of using something as personal as a man asking a woman to be his life partner as a marketing ploy is typical of any company, we have to think about the couple that actually applies. What type of man would give a woman an engagement ring that looks like a pizza slice, anyway?

What type of message is he sending her when he gets on one knee and asks her to marry him while they both stand in pizza dough? You know this is the type of madness that people will be submitting in their effort to win this contest. We can only hope that the couple has plans to sell the ring after they win so that they can put the money to good use.

We have no doubt that hundreds of thousands of couples will submit their videos for this opportunity to win the ring. The only question is what happens to those thousands of people who don’t win? When a guy asks his girl to marry him in a corny fashion—and she accepts—what happens when they lose anyway and are still without a ring to show for it? All their friends and family will see them looking like fools, and for what? A chance to have a slice of pizza on the woman’s finger.

Are we so desperate that we will allow ourselves to be used like idiots for a simple gain? The institution of marriage is supposedly a private and very personal one—but hey, apparently even that can be bought at the right price…or with the right pizza.

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