Botched Drug Raid Leads to Murder in North Carolina

In a botched drug raid in Durham County, North Carolina, police strip-searched and beat 72-year old Catherine Capps, based on a “tip” from a “confidential informant.” Mrs. Capps had no criminal record. She was not informed of any charges against her before they invaded her home. She was not told who the “confidential informant” was who had made an accusation against her.

No drugs were found. Mrs. Capps died a few months later from the trauma caused by the police beating, said her niece. No apologies were given by the police or district attorney’s office of Durham County. The Libertarian Party of Durham County and the NAACP joined to request such an apology, and as of today are still waiting for it.

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The War on Drugs has turned this country into a quasi-police state. The Bill of Rights is being ripped apart to catch drug users and dealers. Innocent people’s homes are being invaded without warrants. Innocent people are being beaten and sometimes shot dead in their homes.

Innocent people on holiday vacations are being strip-searched by DEA agents at airports. Innocent people’s cars, houses, and bank accounts are being confiscated under asset forfeiture laws. Millions of Americans are being sent to prison for twenty years to life because they smoked marijuana or cocaine, hurting no one.

This is now happening every day in this country. All in the name of the War on Drugs. Nothing justifies this War on Drugs. Nothing justifies letting police invade people’s homes without notice or warrants. Nothing justifies ripping apart our Bill of Rights. Because folks, one day police or drug enforcement agents could come for you.

Some neighbor of yours who doesn’t like you because your dog pooped on his lawn could call in an anonymous tip to the DEA or local cops, claiming you are growing marijuana in your house. Your door can be smashed down, your house ransacked, and if you put up any resistance, you could be shot dead with not even an apology by the police or drug agents who gunned you down.

What is even more monstrous is that these killings, these strip searches, these invasions of our homes, this ripping apart of our Bill of Rights, is to stop people from doing something they have every right to do. Who owns our bodies, us or the bureaucrats and DEA drug enforcers? Why does the government, our agent, have the right to tell someone whether they can smoke marijuana or cocaine in their own home?

It may be stupid to take drugs, but should stupidity be illegal? That is the fundamental question. Because if the government says they forbid drugs, or cigarettes, or alcohol, or driving without a seatbelt, they are saying they own you, mind and body. They are denying you the most fundamental of your rights, your free choice, your ownership of yourself.

If you take drugs, you intentionally hurt only yourself. It is a consensual alleged “crime”\involving only yourself. As such, taking drugs should never be a crime. It is a 500-year old sacred rule of Anglo-Saxon law that there cannot be a crime without a victim, and without intent.

If the government can dictate what you put in your body, they own you like a slave, literally. Once they can lock you up for taking drugs, they can do the same if you smoke cigarettes, drink beer, have unprotected sex, or eat fatty foods that will give you a heart attack. If the government says they own your body, they will not stop at drugs, you can be sure of that.

Like me, you are probably not stupid enough to take drugs and have never taken drugs. But if the police or DEA can kill your neighbor or invade his home on anonymous tips, be very afraid. When one person’s rights are violated by a police state, all our rights have been violated. And it’s only a matter of time before they could come after you for smoking a cigarette or drinking beer (as they did during Prohibition in the 1920s).

How do we stop this madness? Vote only for a candidate, whether local, State, or Federal, who clearly states he wants to end the War On Drugs, that he wants to legalize all drugs. The only party that takes this stand is the Libertarian Party. If you want to keep America from turning into a police state, vote Libertarian.

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