Where Will Americans Run To?

Most Americans think that only border states like Arizona and Texas take the brunt of the economic burden from illegal  immigration. That’s actually not the case.

In ten states with the fewest illegal immigrants, state taxpayers fork over about $454 million per year, or about $4000 to $6500 in taxes per illegal alien (report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform / FAIR  —  https://cnsnews.com/article/national/rob-shimshock/report-taxpayers-forking-over-6500-illegal-alien)

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As a result, illegal immigrants foisted on these lower-population states have an even greater effect on the citizens of these states than on heavily-populated urban areas. These states don’t have the tax base or social infrastructure to handle these immigrants.

The radical-left pushers of illegal immigration claim that illegal immigrants help to remedy economic stagnation in these states. Yet, the opposite is true. These low-skilled illegal immigrants accept lower wages, so they drive down wages for American workers and restrict job opportunities for legal residents.

Then there’s the extra tax burden these illegal immigrants create. In the ten states covered in the FAIR study, more than 50,000 illegal-alien students could barely speak English.

As a result, the taxpayers in these states had to fork over $96 million in extra taxes to educate these students with ‘English-as-a-second-language’ special classes. The time and money needed to give these immigrant students special attention also cut into the classes of the local kids’ education.

The FAIR study calculated that nationwide, the tax burden just to accommodate these illegal- immigrant kids’ English deficiency cost taxpayers about $60 billion a year.

These added tax burdens on American citizens to pay for educating illegal-immigrant children is just the tip of the iceberg. If you add in the taxes we pay to support unemployed immigrants with welfare, housing, food stamps, and free medical care, the tax burden becomes staggering. Average Americans already pay 35% to 40% of their earnings in Federal, State, local, Social Security, and other taxes. Americans should now get more taxes to support the rest of the world?

The question too many Americans don’t ask is this: Why do we impose this burden on American citizens? Why are we morally responsible to support every poor, illiterate immigrant who wants to come to America for a better life? Are we our brother’s keeper for the rest of the world?

Let’s ask ourselves, “why do these immigrants come to America in the first place? Why don’t they stay in their own country?”

The obvious reason is that they have miserable lives in the countries they come from. Where they live, they see only poverty, tyranny, and no future for themselves or their children — no jobs, no justice, no property rights that are respected, corrupt politicians who steal from them, no future.

Of course, they want to come here.

But why are their countries so poor and their futures so bleak? To answer that question, let’s ask another one first. Why is America so rich and prosperous? Why the stark difference between America and countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico?

America is so rich because we are the freest nation on Earth. Our country was founded on the principles of personal liberty, individual rights, property rights, rule of law, and economic freedom. These are exactly the crucial social and political principles that are missing in the poorest countries.

If a country is a political and economic tyranny – if the rulers of a country strangle the workers and business owners with confiscatory taxes and strangling regulations – the economy implodes. The poor, helpless citizens then suffer endless poverty and subjugation to the ruling elites. That has been the unfortunate history of most of South America for the last two hundred years.

Cuba and Venezuela are prime examples. Wherever fascism, socialism, communism, or any variation of these evil doctrines exist, the citizens’ lives become a thing of misery, poverty, and tyranny. That’s when they join caravans to come to America.

Yet, now in America, radical-left Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi want to turn our country into the same kind of fascist/radical left tyrannies that millions of illegal aliens are fleeing from. May they be damned for their treason to America for doing so.

What can we do to stop America from turning into Venezuela? First of all, we need to stop all illegal immigration, and sharply reduce LEGAL immigration. We are NOT our brother’s keeper for the rest of the world. We should only accept immigrants who have proven work skills that will add to America’s wealth, not drain it, immigrants who can find meaningful employment as soon as they get here.

Second, we need to start de-taxing and deregulating our own country. We need to get rid of 90 percent of all State and Federal regulatory agencies and so-called “entitlement” programs that are bankrupting us.

Third, we need to shut down government-run public schools that are indoctrinating the next generation of radical-left children who will become future voters. The same thing holds true for radical-left universities who hire Marxist professors and have radical-left agendas. Not one cent of taxpayer money should go to any university that hires any Marxist professors, or that has Marxist, radical-left courses that brainwash college kids.

Because if America turns into a socialist hell-hole, where do WE run to?

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