Is America Still The Land Of The Free?

Is America still the land of the free? In our daily lives, most of us believe we are free Americans.

The average person can still go about his business, travel where he wants to go, and freely choose his goals, friends, and career. We still have freedom of speech, the press, trial by jury, and many other liberties our Founding Fathers wrote into the Bill of Rights and Constitution. We are still freer than any other people on Earth.

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Yet consider the following:

We may still have fundamental freedoms of speech and the press, but America is in a transition from liberty to despotism, a halfway house on the road to tyranny. We already have economic tyranny in America.

If you add up all the taxes you pay, including income taxes, Social Security, sales, real estate, gasoline, telephone, and dozens of other hidden taxes, the government loots over forty percent of your income in taxes. Only a hundred years ago, the average worker paid no more than five percent of his income in taxes. In 1901, there was no income tax, Social Security tax, or most of the other taxes you pay today.

In the Middle Ages, medieval rulers took twenty-five percent of their serfs’ produce. Our government now taxes us worse than serfs. If the government claims the right to forty percent of your income, it claims the right to forty percent of your labor, and forty percent of your life. In effect, politicians put us on a chain gang until May 15th of every year, working for the bureaucrats.

Most parents may not see it this way, but local governments can kidnap your children through compulsory education laws. They force you to send your children to government-run public schools that waste twelve years of your children’s lives and turn them into illiterates. They then tax you to support these so-called “schools.” Local governments control your children’s minds, education, and future, and deny you free choice over how to educate your children.

Most states have laws making it illegal for licensed physicians to help a person commit suicide if the patient has terminal cancer with excruciating pain. By these laws, the government tells us it now owns our bodies. These laws deny our right to free choice for crucial personal decisions in our lives.

The War on Drugs is also being used to gut the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. This Amendment preserves our right to be protected from “unwarranted searches and seizures” in our cars, homes, and bank accounts. New anti-drug laws give police greater power to stop drivers and search their cars without the “probable cause” required by the 4th Amendment. Police have greater power to search our luggage and do humiliating body searches of passengers in airline terminals.

Try building a new home for yourself, and you will run into building department inspectors, zoning commissions, environmental impact statements, and local agencies who will tie you up in knots. Try starting a small business and you will need many expensive and time-consuming government licenses and approvals. Local, State and Federal tax authorities, like vultures, will then devour your profits with their ever-increasing taxes.

Taxes loot your hard-earned income to pay for dozens of “entitlement programs” such as Medicare, Social Security, farm subsidies, corporate subsidies, and welfare programs. Your voluntary consent is not required for these programs. The government forces you to pay for them.

Federal, State, and local police agencies use asset-forfeiture laws to steal the cars, homes, businesses, and bank accounts of innocent people under the pretext of the War on Drugs. Innocent victims of bogus drug raids then have to prove their innocence and sue the agency to get their property back. Asset-forfeiture laws have turned too many local police departments into agencies for legalized looting.

Anti-gun politicians make hundreds of gun laws that restrict a woman’s right to protect herself from a rapist, a homeowner’s right to protect himself from a robber in the middle of the night, or American citizens’ right to protect themselves from a tyrannical government The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees our right to bear arms is under massive assault. It may be only a matter of time until we lose this right altogether.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dictates who an employer can or can’t hire, fire, or promote, how many women, minorities, or disabled people he has to hire, how much he has to pay his employees, and what their “conditions of employment” must be. This same agency can sue the employer into bankruptcy for infractions of its regulations.

The Environmental Protection Agency can stop a home builder from building homes, a farmer from farming his land, a rancher from grazing his cattle, an oil company from drilling for desperately needed oil, or a logging company from cutting down frees to give us lumber for new homes. The EPA destroys property rights in America to protect “endangered” species like the Alabama mud rat, and swamps call “wetlands.”

The Food and Drug Administration forces drug companies to spend over $500 million and seven years to get approval for a new drug. It puts pharmaceutical companies through a regulatory torture chamber that stops the development of thousands of new, life-saving drugs.

Does all this sound like “the land of the free?” The government in America is a growing tyranny. It is a government that would shock our Founding Fathers, a government they would consider a greater tyranny than the British monarchy they fought a Revolutionary War against. Worse, whatever freedoms we have left are being taken from us at an ever-accelerating rate.

What can you do? First, NEVER vote for a Democrat for public office, especially radical-left candidates like Bernie Sanders. Most Democrats today are now quasi-socialist or on the radical-left. That means they will always vote to increase your taxes and give the government more power over you. Second, if you can manage it, NEVER send your child to a government-controlled public school. Try homeschooling or enrolling your child in a low-cost, K-12 online private school. Third, NEVER let your grown-up child attend a college or university stuffed with Marxist professors who will try to brainwash his or her mind.

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