Man Sets The Internet On Fire By ‘Manspreading’ Over 3 Seats

Ok, fellas! We understand that you sometimes have to give your little man some room down there, but goodness! The issue of guys spreading their legs has truly taken the front seat, thanks to one guy that took ‘manspreading’ to an entirely new level!

Recently, one guy was seen on a photo posted on Instagram with his legs open so wide at an airport that he covered three whole seats—making it impossible for anyone to sit next to him on either side. This photo led to an amazing debate that split the internet in half over whether a guy really needs that much space for his…well…you know.

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The sad truth is that most guys can definitely afford to sit with their legs closed, just like any woman. There is no need for so much needed space, even if the guy is packing. The only problem is that most guys tend to believe that they need the extra room because they think they are carrying more weight than they actually are. It’s as if they are attempting to convince either themselves or others, that they have something that they simply don’t.

Either way, it’s a true pain when you have to sit next to them. In this case, many people seem to agree that this guy took his manspread just a bit too far! One person commented “either this man really wants to sit alone, or he has the worst case of invisible elephantitis the world has ever seen.”

Another person commented on how incredibly angry the photo made them. However, on the flip side, there were those who didn’t seem to care about his stance, and they didn’t mind sharing that fact. “This man is asserting dominance,” stated one person who obviously feels this is the way a real man must sit. Others stated that the guy’s height might have been the reason for his need to spread his legs like wings.  Either way, the choice that this guy made in his leg placement has definitely created a stir.

Most might argue that women are just as guilty as men when it comes to taking up unnecessary space. Although women don’t sit with their legs spread, they are still sometimes guilty of taking up seats that could be used by others. How, you might ask? That’s easy. Just say hello to her little friends called purse, handbag, and overnight bag.

A woman will typically use an empty seat to rest her purse, rather than placing it on the floor or in her own seat. As a woman, it makes perfect sense. A purse is delicate, precious, and necessary…all the reasons a woman might deem it worthy of another seat. True, a guy might use this same argument when it comes to his package, but hey. Let’s be honest here. Not every guy has a package that’s made of leather worth hundreds—sometimes thousands—of dollars.

It’s all subjective, at best. I can only hope that in this case of the guy who decided to give his junk some space, he will consider that his actions will only lead to his having empty seats next to him for the rest of his life. Surely no one wants to be a travel mate with a guy who fails to consider his surroundings. If so, his best bet will be to partner up with a bag lady. Together, they will have an entire row to themselves. Although, someone will plaster them all over the internet, no doubt.

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  1. Airport gate areas, which have common seating for people simultaneously waiting for up to 6 different flights, are often so crowded that no extra seats are available. I saw many people having to stand, on my recent experiences. This man who “manspread” his legs, overlapping access to chairs on both sides of him, was being a totally selfish, inconsiderate DUD ! He did not have the right to do that !
    Similarly, the man who was sitting behind a lady on board the aircraft, and was wanting her to not recline her seat, was pushing the back of her seat, making her head bounce, repeatedly. Also a totally selfish, inconsiderate DUD ! No one should behave in such ways. And such people wonder why we want the police to deal with them ?

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