Wife Gets The Ultimate Revenge And Divides The Internet In The Process

There is a report that shares the story of a woman who found out that her husband was cheating on her. This might sound like nothing new, but trust me, it gets much deeper than that. Rather than simply divorcing her husband, this unidentified woman decides to take the matter into her own hands by shaming the holy crap out of her husband. The results set the internet on fire.

According to reports, this woman took the bedroom mattress that she shared with her husband and then wrote a message that she not only placed in the front of their home, but she also shared with social media. The message she wrote said:

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“I changed the locks [name of husband]. Take the bed to [name of lover’s] house. Slut I’m divorcing you. I told the kids what you did in our bed and they don’t love daddy anymore.” Ouch.

Needless to say, when she took a picture of the mattress in front of her home and posted it online, she got an eyeful of opinions that went from praise to complete anger from a plethora of strangers. That’s what happens when you expose your personal life to the world.

The woman, more than likely, didn’t think much about the reactions that her deed would receive from strangers after she posted her photo online. To be honest, she probably didn’t care what others felt about what she had done. That’s the thing about revenge…it hinders your ability to think prior to acting.

This woman told the world that she shared her husband’s infidelity with their children (not sure of their ages) and then she shared her ‘dirty mattress of lies’ with their neighbors. Without a doubt, the husband felt the sting of this move. He’s shamed, dishonored, and disrespected by his wife…and for what? A little bit of flesh.

Now, he has to deal with the fact that his decision to lay it down with some chick has led to his being ostracized by his family, neighbors, and friends. It happens. Cheating spouses is nothing new. The only surprise here is the wife’s reaction.

Online, many commenters stated that they agreed with her actions and that they loved how she told the children about their nasty little father. They commended the wife for making sure that the children were fully aware of the fact that they had a father who messed up and hurt their mother by sticking his wee-wee in another woman.

Then again, you had those who were completely mortified by her actions. “She clearly didn’t think this one through before she went to the kids about this adult act,” wrote one person who disagreed with the wife’s inclusion of the children. Others were outright upset with the wife’s decision to place the couple’s mattress—with its new message—outside for the world to see.

One person wanted to know why the wife would share such personal family business with the world, while others wanted to know how she could be so selfish in her decision to include the children. Either way, the public found themselves split down the middle on how this situation should have been handled.

Infidelity is something that has existed since marriage. People cheat on each other, the jilted spouses get pissed, and the children are left with only one parent in the house. It’s a story that has been told time and time again. The only thing that seems to be a new twist is when a spouse decides to tell the children all the gory details.

Can you imagine how such a conversation might impact a young child who loves both their parents unconditionally? Additionally, can you imagine these kids walking home without being harassed by their peers who also saw the nasty mattress?  It’s a nasty game that leaves no winners on the board. Too bad it’s hard to think in such a rational manner when you’re hurt. It would save a lot of children a lot of pain.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask the kids of this woman.

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