More Guns, Less Crime

Bernie Sanders. Mike Bloomberg and all the other radical-left Democrat candidates for President want total gun control leading to gun confiscation. That is their ultimate goal. How do they justify destroying the 2nd Amendment and denying law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms to protect themselves? Their primary argument is that guns kill people.

The gun grabbers leave out the part that guns, in the hands of law-abiding citizens, save far more people from robbers, murderers, and rapists every day in this country than are used by criminals to commit murder.

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Here are some revealing statistics that prove that more guns mean less crime: (, ( )

  • Every year, guns are used over 80 times more often to protect innocent American lives than to take lives
  • There are approximately 270 million civilian firearms in the United States. Women use a gun to protect themselves from rape over 200,000 times a year. If they did not use their guns, no one knows how many of these women would have been murdered after being raped.
  • Guns prevent an estimated 5 million crimes a year, or 6849 every day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminals’) is shed.
  • Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.
  • 60 percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed.
  • Felons report that they avoid entering houses where people are at home because they fear being shot.
  • Fewer than one percent of firearms are used in the commission of a crime.
  • In 1982, Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring heads of households to keep at least one firearm in the house. The residential burglary rate subsequently dropped 89% in Kennessaw, compared to just a 10.4% drop in Georgia as a whole.
  • The average gun-misuse error rate by police is 11%. The average gun-misuse error rate by armed citizens is 2%. In a shooting rampage by an insane gunman, 14.3 average deaths occur before police come on the scene. In contrast, if there is an armed citizen at the scene, 2.3 average deaths occur before the armed citizen shoots the criminal.
  • In the UK/Britain, the most violent country in Europe, where handguns were confiscated many years ago, there are over 2000 violent crimes committed per 100,000 people every year. In the United States, about 470 violent crimes are committed per 100,000 people.
  • With just one exception, every public mass shooting in the U.S. since 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns — gun-free zones.

In contrast to these statistics that clearly show how guns save lives, prevent rapes, assaults, burglaries, and murders, and kill armed criminals, how many gun homicides by criminals occur in the U.S? According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in their 2017 latest statistics, guns caused 39,773 deaths. However, 60% of those gun deaths were suicides (23,854), while only 37% were murders (14,542)

So gun deaths by murderers in 2017 were 14,542, but handguns used by armed citizens prevented 400,000 life-threatening crimes. In light of these glaring statistics, why would any sane person want gun controls or gun confiscation?

These statistics show that the gun-grabbers are either irredeemably stupid, uninformed, or evil. We can forgive the stupid or uninformed. But what about the radical-left gun grabbers who are aware of these statistics and still want to confiscate our guns? What is their motive?

Their motive is and always has been power. Radical-left dictators or radical-left elected governments do not want armed citizens. Armed citizens can organize, fight back, and overthrow the dictators. If all citizens’ guns are confiscated, they are then defenseless against tyranny. That is why every socialist, fascist, or communist dictatorship in the last 100 years has always confiscated its citizens’ guns as soon as they gained power. A disarmed citizenry is a passive, docile citizenry.

That is why our blessed and brilliant Founding Fathers passed the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. They had just fought a war against the tyranny of British rule. Colonists had always possessed firearms as a natural right. Without firearms, they could not have beat the British and turned America into a free, independent country.

Make no mistake about it — what radical-left fascists want is to take away our freedom. To do that, they cannot tolerate armed citizens who are jealous of their liberty. That is why they want gun control, then total gun confiscation. This gun confiscation has already happened in Britain and Australia. Americans, be forewarned.

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