The Eco-Assault on Our Liberty

One of the reasons I’m so glad that Donald Trump is now President is that he is smart enough to realize that the whole “climate change”/ “global warming” campaign is a radical-left hoax.

As a result, he has been directing the Environmental Protection Agency to roll back some of their more strangling regulations, and he has opened up huge new sections of Federal land for oil drilling. We have now become energy independent in oil and gas and are no longer subject to energy blackmail by Middle-East countries.

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However, President Trump’s moderate rollback of environmental regulations is not enough, not by a long shot. We need to end, once and for all, the destruction that environmental regulations are doing to our country, our economy, and our freedom.

Environmental regulations are a frontal assault on our property rights and personal freedom. Regulations have closed off northwest forests from logging, throwing thousands of people out of work. Regulations have forced farmers, cattlemen, lumber companies, mining companies, ski resort operators, and oil companies off their land. Wetlands and endangered-species regulations have blocked developers from constructing houses, factories, and shopping centers on their own land.

Power-hungry EPA regulators have expanded the legal definition of wetlands to such an extent that a wetland can now be almost any land that water touches. Under current EPA regulations, eco-bureaucrats can now classify prairie potholes, corn and wheat fields, vacant, weed-covered lots, and almost 60 percent of all land in the United States as wetlands.

Environmental regulations now take precedence over private property rights. An eco-cop who declares your property to be a wetland, a place inhabited by an endangered species, or a place where migratory birds might roost, can stop you from developing your land. That means if you fill in potholes that collect water, divert a stream to irrigate your land, drain a mosquito-infested swamp on your farm to grow wheat, or build your house on land used by kangaroo rats or other “endangered” species, eco-cops can fine or imprison you. If eco-cops declare your land to be wetlands, then swamps, rats, and birds have more right to your land than you do.

For over two hundred years, Americans have drained wetlands (swamps) to make a decent life for themselves. We drained swamps to build cities, create farmland, and fight malaria and encephalitis. We filled in swamps because we believed that we had a right to live on this Earth – like human beings.

If we had wetlands regulations since colonial times, here’s what would have happened:

Almost 100 million acres of farmland in the Midwest and most land in the Mississippi Valley would be declared off-limits. That’s because thousands of farmers drained the water on their land into the Mississippi and other rivers. Draining the water off their land allowed them to grow crops that feed us. New Orleans would not exist, because it was built on drained swampland. Finally, EPA bureaucrats might be out of a job because Washington, D.C. would not exist. Our capital city was built on a malarial swamp that was drained and filled.

The Supreme Court seems to have forgotten the existence of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, which reads: “No person shall. . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

Environmental regulations are a blatant violation of the Fifth Amendment. In the name of protecting the Alabama Beach Mouse, Houston Toad, Desert Pup Fish, Kangaroo Rat, Puerto Rican Cave Cockroach, Puritan Tiger Beetle, and over 740 other snails, rodents, bugs, and animals on the endangered species list, eco-regulations are ripping our precious liberty to shreds.

Here’s how far eco-radicals can go — some years ago, a team of professors from Rutgers University put forth a program they called the “Buffalo Commons.” They proposed that the federal government should force 400,000 people living in 110 counties in nine states off their land (“de-privatize” them). Why? So that buffalo could roam the land.

I want you to imagine living on a farm in Kansas that your family has lived on for generations. Then some eco-cop comes by with an eviction notice. He tells you that the new “Buffalo Commons” regulations require you to vacate your land so buffalo can take over. How would you feel about that?

From the Revolutionary War to the War in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of brave Americans have died fighting to defend our freedom. Yet today, with little protest, we throw our liberty into the gutter for the sake of rats, owls, and wetlands swamps.


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