The Tax On Virtue – Look Over Your Shoulder

It is the year 1913, and two Senators on the Congressional tax committee confer.

“What kind of new tax should we create for our growing government?” asked one.

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“Why, an income tax, a progressive income tax,” said the other.

“But why?” asked the first.

“For these reasons,” said the second: “Government does good works, and there is so much more to do. But we need an endless supply of tax revenues to do our good deeds. What is the source of wealth in our country?” he asked. “Why, the labor and income of our hardworking citizens. There is the golden goose.”

“But our citizens are selfish,” he continued. “They do not wish to give us their money. They fiercely resist each new tax — I don’t know why. So, once and for all, we must create a tax that lets us raid . . . I mean use their income at will — the income tax.

“We will take part of their paycheck each week. But we will give them no choice in the matter. We will withhold their taxes from their paychecks so they cannot hide what they earn and selfishly not pay us our due.”

“But more,” he continued, “the tax must be steeply progressive. We government workers do the highest and noblest work of all. Yet our salaries are meager and insulting.”

“Those who are greedy for money, who have a “knack” for dirty trade, these businessmen and entrepreneurs, why should they be rich? Why should they make so much more than we do? I hate them. They get their money only by stealing from others, by hurting others, don’t they?”

“So we must take their looted profits. The more they earn, the more taxes we will take from them. The more competent, ambitious, and hard-working they are, the more we will take from them. The richer they are, the more successful they are, the more we will punish them. If a good man makes $5000 a year, we will tax him 10 percent. If a greedy man earns $500,000 a year, we will tax him 90 percent of his income.”

“It is only fair. The greedy ones must give their “fair share” to support those who are not as “lucky” as they are. We will level the greedy ones, for they are no better than us, do you hear? Do you hear me? They are no better than us!”

And the first tax man, younger and more innocent, looked into the cold eyes of the second tax man and was afraid.

That conversation might have taken place in 1913 when Congress passed the Revenue Act that created the income tax in America.

The Revenue Act of 1913 imposed a one percent tax on incomes above $3,000, with a top tax rate of six percent on those earning more than $500,000 per year. Approximately three percent of the population was subject to the income tax.

Now, it is the year 2020, and Bernie Sanders, our communist candidate for President, proclaims that we must tax the “super-rich” 90 % of their incomes because they allegedly “don’t deserve” to have so much money. If you unthinkingly agree with this, you will end up cutting your own throat.

For the “super-rich” get rich through effort, creativity, and production. They are the ones who create the businesses, build the factories, grow your food, build your cars, generate your electricity. They are the ones who create your job and lengthen your life with technology and medical miracles. They grow rich because you, and millions of other people buy cars, refrigerators, electric power, and smartphones they create and produce. And you only buy their products because you understand that these miraculous products greatly benefit your life.

However, if we loot the profits of our millionaires and billionaires, they will soon stop producing, stop creating, cease all effort, or move their factories to Malaysia or Viet Nam. And when they do, it is you and your family who will suffer. Also, don’t think that looting 90 percent of millionaires’ income with progressive taxes will pay your taxes.

Take 90 percent from the rich and you feed our insatiable, quasi-socialist entitlement-state for a few weeks. You, the majority, the middle-class, are the bulk of the population. You create most of the nation’s wealth and income, and it is to you the government looters will come for their taxes after they have drained “the rich.” Give government the right to loot the rich and you give it the right to eventually loot you, as you are already looted with taxes that consume almost 40 percent of your income.

And finally, look over your shoulder. For behind you are the “poor,” or anyone worse off than you. Once the rich are drained by taxes, to whom do you think the poor will turn to pay for their subsidies and “entitlements?” To the poor, you are rich. So they will clamor for the taxman to loot you. If it is moral for you to loot the “rich” by voting for Bernie Sanders, why isn’t it moral for the poor to then loot you?

For your own well-being, do not seek to loot the rich. Never vote for any Democrat or radical-left candidate for office. If you do, you will end up cutting your own economic throat.

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