Did Nostradamus Predict the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Nostradamus is known for his often uncannily accurate predictions. So, is it possible that the 16th century seer foretold the coming of the current global coronavirus outbreak?

The deadly infection that originated in Wuhan, China, has since spread to more than 30 countries outside of China, including the UK and the US, fueling fears for humanity’s safety.

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Coronavirus infections have been confirmed in France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, the UAE, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Canada and Nepal among others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has dubbed the outbreak a global emergency but has refrained from using the word “pandemic” just yet.

Could the 15th-century writer and supposed mystic Nostradamus have predicted this outbreak of a “great plague,” nearly 500 years ago?

Some say he did indeed!

Twitter user Marco Malacara said, “The antichrist leading the White House, locusts, floods, flies, coronavirus. I think this is what Nostradamus was telling us about 465 years ago.”

Another person tweeted in Spanish, which when translated reads, “The plague of the 21st century has arrived. A Nostradamus prophecy. We will die very soon. #coronavirus”

Nostradamus penned his supposed prophecies in the form of mystic passages known as “quatrains.” The bulk of Nostradamus’ quatrains were published in 1555 in his magnum opus Les Propheties.

One of these quatrains, Century 2:53, could be a reference to the coronavirus, according to online claims.

The passage reads, “The great plague of the maritime city will not cease until there be avenged the death. Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, of the great lady outraged by pretense.”

Hubei Province is a landlocked part of eastern China, so it is unlikely Wuhan is the “maritime city” mention by Nostradamus. The disease was, however, traced to a seafood market, which could be a loose link to the quatrain.

Nostradamus mentioned another plague in Century 2:56. That passage reads, “One whom neither plague nor steel knew how to finish, death on the summit of the hills struck from the sky. The abbot will die when he will see ruined, those of the wreck wishing to seize the rock.”

Many believe that this quatrain refers to the US, never defeated by its enemies in war, “neither plague nor steel knew how to finish,” the “rock” of the world, will eventually be destroyed by this plague.

What do you think? Did Nostradamus predict the outbreak of the coronavirus? Or, are his quatrains so vague and general that they could, and have been, applied to any major world event? Please reply using the comments below!


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  1. George Iron Crow

    Could not the Abbot be the pope , those of the wreck (present state of the church) the ‘rock’ again the chair of Peter , Rome surrounded by hills?
    That’s what makes sense to me…

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