The Coronavirus Now Nominated for the Democratic Party Presidential Primary

It appears that the Democrats are having a tough time keeping it all together. They have dropped every single female who set out to succeed in the presidential primary, and instead, left behind nothing but two old men who were seemingly thrust into the forefront of the race due to popularity. These guys could really use a bit of help, which is why we were introduced to a new candidate that has reached popularity beyond reality…the coronavirus.

This virus has been in existence since it was born in 1965 by two doctors who found that they could passage a virus named B814, all of which came from an adult who had a common cold. According to The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, the virus was created after these doctors and scientists discovered the “presence of an infectious agent could be demonstrated by inoculating the medium from these cultures intranasally in human volunteers.”

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Now, we could all assume that these guys tried to create this virus in an effort to someday cure the common cold. We will just think positively about this one. However, with all of this aside, one can only wonder why a virus that was created in 1965 has suddenly made such headlines today. The coronavirus has received more trends on social media than anyone or anything. Not much different from HIV and its introduction in the early ’80s, we can surmise that this virus has one motive, and one motive alone: To infiltrate the elections!

Thus far, USA Today has reported that 4,300 people have died around the world from the coronavirus, yet the CDC states that between 20,000 and 52,000 people have died from influenza in the United States alone! One would think that we would be running scared from the flu, yet instead, we are losing our minds in our efforts to protect ourselves from a “new” virus that we have only learned of from the media. The mere fact that the media is pushing the coronavirus down our throats should be enough to let anyone know that there is another motive here. Just sayin’.

So, if the coronavirus has been around since the ’60s, then why is it so prominent now—even though it has killed far fewer people than the flu? Well, let’s look at the timing, shall we?

It’s the season for elections and what better platform than something that uses fear to get people to vote…or not vote. The introduction of the coronavirus has provided many politicians with the ability to discuss how much they will work hard to ensure that the spread of the virus is limited.

The use of fear is a great motivator and an even better form of distraction. Right now, everyone has found a new reason to hate Trump as they discuss throughout the media his lack of attention to this virus and its spread. Additionally, the topic of the coronavirus has taken up all headlines and has created a new cycle of interest among people who only understand that which they have been told.

It’s very few individuals who have taken the time to research the virus on their own. Instead, people are running to the store and buying up all of the water and toilet paper just in case they have to be inside for prolonged periods of time. Side note: I get the water, but what’s up with the need for excessive amounts of toilet paper? If it gets that deep, can’t a person just hop in the shower? I have a feeling I’m over-thinking this thing.

With massive amounts of attention from everyone throughout the United States, thanks to the media, we can now bow down to the one topic that the Democrats can use to show just how much they stand apart from Trump. Soon, if it hasn’t been done already, we will hear of new programs that will be used to protect us all from the spread of this deadly virus.

We might even learn of a special area in the hills that’s designated for those who are infected with the coronavirus…oh, wait…they already have that in Georgia. So, all we can do is sit, watch, and wait on the next move that will be made as a result of this popular infection. Hold your breath. I have no doubt the next move will lead us to the next President of the United States. Don’t blink, because you just might miss it.

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  1. 11B10Grunt

    There is no doubt in my mind that this was manufactured in china w/the help of the dimWITS. They could care less if half the population is eradicated…anything to make PRESIDENT TRUMP look bad!! Well dimWITS “OUR PRESIDENT is THRIVING and has it under control unlike obozo did when the sar(?) virus came during his time in office..thousands died before he done anything..worthless POS the dimWIT party is nothing!! FLUCK ALL YOU dimWIT MF’ERS!!

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