We – The Radical-Left’s Most Vicious Word

Bernie Sanders, our friendly communist Presidential candidate, has a website that outlines his Agenda. His agenda includes “Medicare For All”, “College For All”, “Housing For All”, “Eliminating Medical Debt,” “Reinvestment in Public Education,” and of course his “Tax On Extreme Wealth.”

Bernie Sanders, like all good radical-socialists, always likes to use the word “We” in his visionary programs. This “We” word turns out to be the radical-left Democrats’ most vicious word.

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If you translate Bernie’s political agenda, what he is really saying is:

  • “We” have to pay for every American’s health care from taxes, because everyone has a “right” to health care.
  • “We” have to pay for college tuition for every illiterate high-school student who now wants to waste four more years in a Marxist university to come out with a useless degree, because all high-school graduates have a “right” to a college education.
  • “We” have to have rent subsidies and housing handouts so that every American can own a home because all Americans have a “right” to live in a nice house.
  • “We” have to eliminate all medical debt, because all Americans must be taxed to pay for the medical bills of the uninsured. Every tax-paying American is morally and financially responsible for anyone who gets sick and needs medical care.
  • “We” must “reinvest” in our congenitally incompetent, beyond-repair government-run public schools because all children have a “right” to an education.
  • Finally, where is the money to come from to pay for all these “rights” that are nowhere to be seen in the Constitution? Why of course from the usual victim — the “rich. “Loot the rich” is the fallback scheme of every radical-left socialist or communist for the last 100 years.

Notice the “We” in all the Bernie Sanders programs. Who exactly are these “we”? Why, of course, the “we” are you and me, tens of millions of hard-working taxpayers, mostly in the middle-class. Since money does not grow on trees, the only way that communists and radical socialists can get the money to pay for all their programs, besides printing it, is to loot the money from hard-working taxpayers. That’s because they soon run out of money from the “rich” when the rich stop producing or flee the country.

An example of what happens when you attempt to loot the rich is the fact that tens of thousands of rich and upper-middle-class residents of the high-tax states New York and California are now fleeing to states like Texas, Nevada, and Florida that have no income taxes. When Britain raised its highest income-tax rate to 90 % in the 1950s and 1960s, many of the rich, productive Brits fled to America.

Margaret Thatcher, former conservative Prime Minister of England, summed it up nicely. She said that under socialism, “Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

Radical-left “loot-the-rich” programs reflect the classic communist doctrine of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’

What that evil doctrine really means is that you do not own the money you earn. The State owns it. You have the right to earn the money, but the state controls how much you will be allowed to keep. In effect, you are a slave working for the State.

Also, the richer you are, the higher your tax rate. This means, that the more ambitious, smart, productive, and creative you are, and the more money you make as a result, the more you will be punished by higher taxes.

On the other hand, the less you produce, the more lazy or stupid you are, the less creative or ambitious you are, the more you will be rewarded with government handouts like welfare, food stamps, and rent subsidies.

So the socialist agenda always entails punishing the good, the successful, and the ambitious, and rewarding the lazy, unproductive, or incompetent. Can you think of a more evil moral inversion — that you are punished for your best qualities that make you a success, but rewarded for your worst qualities if you can’t succeed in life?

That is why radical-left Democrats like Bernie Sanders promote an evil agenda, the socialist agenda that claims that “we” are your brother’s keeper, and if you don’t want to be your brother’s keeper, the socialist dictators will take your money by force through progressive income taxes.

Never vote for any politician, especially a radical-left Democrat, who keeps spouting the evil word “we” to promote his looting socialist agenda.

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  1. Rather succinct and astute, I concur with Turtel’s prescient remarks here. I only wish that our younger people, who enthusiastically embrace the present Leftist Progressive agenda (as spearheaded by loveable Chairman Bernie) would take the trouble to learn exactly WHAT the Sanders style socialism they enthuse over actually brings into being. Of course, since the Millennials never had to read about socialist history (or live through those decades stretching from 1920 onwards), they haven’t the foggiest notion of what exactly socialism is or does…other than promise everything to everyone (for free, too!). It will be interesting to see exactly how many of today’s young ‘Sanders-style’ neo-socialists retain those heady, wildly naive notions once they have hit their seniority (and attained subsequent maturity…hopefully…in the aging process). Speaking as a former youthful citizen of the People’s Republic of Berkeley (in the early 70s), who is now considerably more conservative and right of center in my socio-political sentiments, I’d be willing to put money on the predictable outcome. Good luck with your high-flown ideals, kiddies!

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