People are Running Scared – Turning Back the Hands of Time on Humanity

I can honestly say that in all of my years, I have never seen such a panic throughout society that was based 100% on fear, rather than facts.

The coronavirus seemingly popped out of nowhere and left an imprint in society that will never be forgotten. People are running to the stores and buying up more supplies than they could ever need because they fear being outside of their homes.

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People are even avoiding others, which has led to a common term called “social distancing” and it is beyond frightening. Government buildings have closed, universities across the nation have shut down, and events have all been canceled in an effort to contain a virus that has thus far killed less than 100 people in the United States, alone.

The biggest fear shouldn’t be the virus itself. Instead, we should turn our sites on one another and take a moment to see how this massive panic is turning us into barbarians who are far from civilized.

There are a number of reports that have been shared throughout the media of people becoming ill from the coronavirus, yet the media seems to ignore the number of individuals who have actually died from the flu. According to medical reports, over 107 children have died from the flu in the past few months, while no children have died from the coronavirus.

Additionally, over 52,000 people have died from the flu throughout the United States, while the coronavirus has only claimed the life of around 50 people. With such staggering numbers, we can only wonder why the coronavirus has gained such popularity in only a short period of time.

The lives of citizens throughout the U.S. have been turned upside down and yet there seems to be no answer in sight of how the biggest problem is still not being addressed: the flu virus. The lack of information has only exacerbated individual fears and has caused people to reduce themselves to mere animals who are seemingly fighting one another for survival.

In one recent report, a man was stabbed with a wine bottle in the grocery store because he took the last roll of toilet paper. In other stories, people are fighting one another over bottled water and they aren’t stopping there.

People are now distancing themselves from one another in fear that they may catch this virus that has killed fewer people than the flu. Lately, reading the news online has become a true terror, considering the fact that the only news being reported is on the latest update of the coronavirus. Guys and gals, there is something else brewing in this kitchen, and it ain’t the virus. Just know that.

Mass hysteria has caused people to forget that they have the ability to think for themselves, read and research information on their own, and treat one another with dignity. Some people have proven that they are far from prepared to handle any crises, which is why the government feels it is necessary to make certain decisions for us. We are the true puppets and we are all being toyed with.

Too bad we can’t all see this and shake our desire to harm one another over toilet paper and water. The only way to make it through any crisis is to remain calm, think, and use the brain that we were all born with. Hopefully, this ‘deadly’ virus will soon pass through and leave us unscathed.

More importantly, we can only hope that the biggest lesson in all of this is that we remember we have the power to either see things through together or end-all of humanity together. The choice is ours. Which one will you choose?

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